The Ultimate Guide to Sexting


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Sexting is the modern-day love letter, and its primary role is to tease, torture, and build anticipation. It can be fun and will definitely make the sex even more exciting!

However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this. Follow the rules, and you’ll have a good time. Break the rules, and you may find yourself in a dangerous situation.

In this ultimate guide to sexting, we share the do’s and don’ts of sending erotic messages (with examples at the end of this article).

Tip #1 – Always Keep It Real & Doable

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Don’t send something you do not plan on doing, or something that’s unrealistic. The whole point is to entice your partner and get them thinking about you.

Stay as real as possible while being creative and imaginative. Never feed the other empty promises!

Pay attention: This will only make the other person angry and frustrated. The only exception to this rule is if he or she understands that what you’re texting is purely fantasy and wants to play along.

Tip #2 – Gradually Build Sexual Tension

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Don’t give it all away too quickly. Build up the sexual tension gradually. Coming on too strong too fast may throw him or her off, especially if the two of you have just met.

Start out by sending a few flirty, playful messages, and let them get dirtier as they go along!

Please note: A simple “What are you wearing?” is an excellent way to get things started. By building the tension gradually, you heighten the experience and drive the other person wild.

Tip #3 – Try to Avoid Giving Away Too Many Details (Less Is Always More)

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Always leave a little to the imagination when sexting. It will make your partner wanting more and build up the anticipation. Hint at what you want to do, or a little something that you may have planned for later.

Pay attention: Get his or her mind racing and say something that will leave their imagination about you all day long. You can still be sexy and flirty with your messages, but the best ones are those that let the imagination do the thinking.

Tip #4 – Do Not Sext While Drinking Too Much

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Never do this when you’re drunk as you are only asking for trouble! When you’ve had too much to drink, there’s a good chance that you will send it the wrong person, or worse – a complete stranger.

Keep in mind: Far too many “fails” happen because people were sending drunk messages to other people. Therefore, do yourself a favor – put down your phone and save it for when you’re sober.

Tip #5 – Always Check Your Auto-Correct

dirty woman picking up man

Auto-correct may just be your biggest enemy when sexting. Instead of telling her that you want to run your hands through her golden curls, you may wind up telling her you want to run your hands through her golden girls.

Double check to make sure that auto-correct hasn’t completely ruined your message before sending it out!

Pay attention: This will save you from sending a terribly embarrassing (or possibly offensive) texts that totally destroys her mood. Just remember that once you’ve sent the message, you can’t undo it.

Tip #6 – Do Not Send Naked Pictures with Your Face

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Never send nude photos that show your face! It doesn’t matter if you know and trust your partner or not. Never show your face in nude photos you send through text messages.

You never know where these pictures may end, and if they make it on the web, it could wind up hurting your relationships and even your career! Just keep it discreet, and remember to delete your texts after you are done sexting!

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  • Isabella

    18 is just a real nice one! It turns me on just thinking about this! I usually make my texts a little longer than these ones, but they are all great. I try to make them into a little story that has no ending –yet. The ending is going to be later on when I meet my boyfriend…

    • James Buzinko

      That type of sexy texts are the best ones! You should really go for those.

  • Riana

    Sometimes I tend to text things that I cannot do even if I try hard enough. He knows I am just fantasizing and it’s ok to do once in a while. I’m not going to go into it but this stuff involves castles, spaceships and aliens! Some of these things are doable but some are just so crazy…

    • James Buzinko

      Just remember Riana that even crazy things can be really hot and sexy! Never feel ashamed for your fantasies.

  • Kayla

    There are times when I start fantasizing and I get these huge texts that make me tingle with excitement. My husband told me to stop sending these to him while he is at work because he can’t focus on what he is doing anymore, but I love to think about what he thinks when he receives themJ!

    • James Buzinko

      Sure, do not stop sending these to him. I bet he loves them a lot!

  • Camellia

    I’m so bad at just hinting what I want to do later! I usually spoil the whole thing! I have to learn to give less away when I text. I think I’m ruining the whole surprise although my husband says I don’t. I just wish I could send a super hot text that would make him melt on his chair!

    • James Buzinko

      I bet all you need is to follow these tips and practice your sexting. I am almost sure he will be amazed by your effort.

  • Michael J.

    Damn auto-correct! I can’t remember the last time it helped me instead of screwing my entire text! It’s like this thing wants to ruin me. I’m better off sending the message as I wrote it than using auto-correct. I always try to have a look before I send a text but sometimes mistakes are present.

    • James Buzinko

      Sure, sometimes mistakes happen but try to minimize them as those are a big turn off for more intelligent chicks.

  • Gabrielle M.

    Sending naked pictures with your face is a big no-no! I have friends that did this and lost their phones and now they are desperate not knowing what will happen to those pictures. Just make sure you always send the good parts without the face included and all will be well.

    • James Buzinko

      That is the golden rule of sexting each and every one of us should know.

  • Justine

    I’ve sent some naked pictures of myself (face included) and I’m so sorry I did! My phone was stolen and I will never know what happened to those pictures. I may just end up on an adult website without even knowing. While that may sound funny, when you are the one in question, it’s not funny at all.

    • James Buzinko

      That is really bad situation you are in. But I bet those pictures are already deleted. I hope they are long gone now.

  • Jenna

    I think everyone should be really, really careful about what pictures they send while sexting. You never know who will go trough your phone, or the other’s persons’ phone and sees them, and your reputation might get damaged. If you have to send them, like you said, don’t show any face or identification marks…

    at best, if anything happens, the pictures will be anonymous. at the worst, if you show your face, you could end up on a revenge porn site if things get sour :/

    • James Buzinko

      Those are exactly the reasons why you should be very careful while doing this. I could not explain it better.

  • Anna

    I love sexting…it’s so exciting! My bf always has to go off for a week or two to business trips in another two, and we sext nonstop. Nothing beats getting him hard during a meeting without his bosses knowing hahaha xx

    • James Buzinko

      I bet all he thinks about is you. That must be great feeling!

  • Derek

    I have no idea how to sext. So far, it has been a mystery to me. I just crack up every time I try it. Last time, when my gf answered that she had yellow thongs on, I just asked her if her pussy was pikachu. And then i wonder why I stayed single for so long…lol.

    • James Buzinko

      Lol dude you nailed it so hard! 😀

  • Mike

    Sexting is seriously an art, and what most guys don’t get is that sending a hey, sup? followed by a dick pick is not proper sexting. I hear my sisters complain about it all the time (we’re super open about this kinda stuff) – heck, I learned how to sext properly just by hearing them complain about the blunders of all of their exes.

    • James Buzinko

      That is true! Never Send an unexpected picture of your dick. That is not a very intelligent and sophisticated form of sexting that arouses women.

  • Angel

    I don’t know man, for me sexting turns on into full RP and phone sex usually. Having a long distance relationship means a lot of wanking, sometimes :/ But I love it when she sends me pics, especially if her face is a bit obscured – so mysterious!

    • James Buzinko

      Having mysterious pics of your GF is always better that full exposed ones. It raises your fantasy and makes you much more excited!