The Shocking Truth About Penis Pumps Revealed

The Shocking Truth About Penis Pumps Revealed

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Penis Pump Based On Vacuum Suction
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Are you looking for a way to enlarge your willy? Are you playing with an idea of using penis pumps? Do you think they are actually safe and working?

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I bet these are some of the questions that have brought you here on this article as you have already heard contradictory statements about these devices.

There is a group of people that claim these do not work while there is another that swear that these gadgets have helped them a lot with their size and erection issues.

Thankfully, I will try to bring some light into these issues and debunk some myths connected with “pumping”. Actually, I will share with you findings from my “research” into vacuum pumps.

In following paragraphs, I will discuss these in greater detail. Hopefully, by the end of this article you will know whether or not this solution may be right for you.

What Are These Vacuum Devices?

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This kinky stuff has been on the market for quite some time, now. So here I am going to tell you more about its look.

Main Features

  • Cylinder – Normally, they are made of some type of plastic tube that fits over the shaft of your “little buddy”, along with a pump.
  • Pumping mechanism – This may be a separate one based on principle of vacuum that you hook up, or it could simply be a device that you connect to that tube with a smaller piece of plastic tubing, and is designed for manual pumping.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of brands and models you can choose from, and some may even have approval from FDA for specific uses.

How Do They Enlarge Your Phallus?

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Firstly, it is crucial to know that these are mostly used by men who:

  • Have poor circulation – These dudes have problems getting an erection, or maintaining one. Medical conditions like diabetes, or even the natural aging process, may have something to do with this. As pumping helps blood rush to the groin area, this eventually results in getting a better boner and maintaining it for longer period of time.
  • Have small size – Sometimes, guys use these devices even for boosting their measurements as these “machines” are said to increase the length or girth of your “manhood” (even both). What is more, these will make your “little guy” a bit bigger than normal, with the use of a tourniquet around its base to keep the extra blood flow from re-entering back into your body.


Are Your Gains Permanent?

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Sadly, added inches from forcing extra blood into your phallus are just temporary. As soon as the tourniquet is removed from its base, and starts to re-entering into your body, some of the length or girth will disappear very fast.

Be aware! Over a period of around twenty-four hours, normally all the gained inches are gone!

For your interest: If you want, here you can read more about secure and permanent growth of penile size with the help of natural exercises and just your hands. There is no need to buy any possibly harmful device or pills.

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3 Cons of Penis Pumps You Should Consider

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  • No studies – Some brands of these devices advertise that over a longer period of regular use, their product may increase your measurements permanently. Sadly, in general there are no studies proving that this claim is accurate.
  • Long term risks – What is more, as detailed below, repeated usage may actually put you at risk more than it will assist you in any way.
  • Different FDA approval – You should also keep in mind that penile enlargement pumps that claim to be FDA approved (normally just for aiding men with the erection problems) are not approved to help in improve size of your willy!

3 Potential Dangers You Are Facing

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Even though pumping “machines” are relatively safe for occasional use, there are risks connected to their usage. This is especially true if you are using these for an extended period of time.

  • Lost sensation – One of the first dangers is that of losing sensation in your “manhood” (Who on the Earth would really want to risk that?). After a prolonged usage, this may become one of the only ways for you to achieve an erection.
  • Bursting of blood vessels – Tissue damage may also occur if you leave the tourniquet on your little buddy for too long. Your vessels could, in some cases, burst, which often leads to pain and swelling. (Ouch!)
  • Cheap replicas – What is more, some of those available on the market today are made cheaply, or are not designed as they should be. Therefore make sure that if you wish to invest in a penis pump, for possible enlargement or otherwise, invest in one that is well created.

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Be aware that these high quality devices may cost more than others, but are worth it, as they put you at less of a risk for negative and painful side-effects.

How to Purchase These

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As stated before, these products are widely available. Nearly every adult store or website carries them. However, you should always keep in mind these tips:

  • Do your research – First, it may be useful to do research online about the product you are interested in purchasing.
  • Find honest reviews – Look for pages that are not sponsored by the manufacturer of the product with customer reviews.
  • Check out advertising claims – Then, look into the claims the company makes.
  • Stay away from extreme – Remember to avoid any products with outrageous claims in advertising!

If you will follow my advice, I believe that you will be able to purchase one that will fit your needs and will work for you as well.

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