The Perfect Sex Swing: Tips for Getting That One


the fetish fantasy series sex swing

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There are situations when a special night of fun requires something more than just an ordinary sex toy. Sometimes, it calls for serious hardware! “So, what the HELL are you talking about James?” Some of you may ask this question.

Well, stay tuned as the thing I am going to present you in this great article is called a sex swing. Trust me that this product may dramatically change how you look at passionate intercourse!

The Basics of Sex Swings

This product was designed purely for lovemaking and allows either you or your partner to sit in a suspended chair above the ground. The best part?

All your weight will be completely supported!

Depending on the model, this toy can also include stirrups for your legs, making it easier to separate them. However, why should you use one?

There are 2 main reasons for it:

  1. This swing allows you for some serious dominant versus submissive role play.
  2. It increases your mobility, allowing for various exciting angles to hit all her “sweet spots” leading to insane whole body orgasms!

Pay attention: This toy opens wide doors to your fantasies to a lot of new things that can make your sex much more pleasurable and fun!

4 Main Models of Sex Swings

main sex swing models

In general, I was able to discover 4 main types of this sex toy:

  1. The body swing that is anchored to a standing man who needs to hold whole weight of his woman.
  2. The door version is fixed to a door frame and can usually support around 200 pounds.
  3. The hanging model is the standard version that is connected to a beam or other strong element in your home.
  4. The self-standing version is one that hangs from its own construction that takes a lot of space and provides for great pleasure.

Pay attention: This toy needs to hold at least 2 times the weight of your partner. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when setting your swing up!

So Then, How to Use One?
Watch This Great 2-Minute Video with Tips for Using Sex Swing

There is no general guide to using sex swings as there are slight differences with each and every model! However, what it usually all comes down to is a very simple process:

  1. First, you need to set your swing up according to manufacturers instructions.
  2. Then one partner (usually a woman) needs to sit naked on the swing with his or her feet in the stirrups.
  3. The other partner (generally a man) needs to stand naked in front of her.
  4. Then both partners use the swinging motion as an aid in every type of intercourse, including vaginal, anal or even oral sex.

Keep in mind: The best part is the freedom for a man to move around, and the possibility to build momentum for intense and incredibly satisfying thrusting power!

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making Your Purchase

Firstly, you need to ask yourself following two questions:

  1. Where do you want to have it?
  2. Do you have any strong supporting beams available on your ceilings for standard hanging swing?
  3. Do you have enough place for a self-standing version?
  4. Is your partner strong enough for body swing?

Pay attention: Honest answers to these questions will help you decide which model will be the best for you. However, if you have enough privacy and access to a necessary supporting beam, then I highly suggest you the standard hanging swing!

3 Must-Have Features to Look For

Once you choose the appropriate model, there are 3 crucial things you need to look for:

  1. The strength of chain/rope – Choose a product that includes a supporting chain or rope that can hold well beyond the weight of your partner as the dynamic loads during swinging and thrusting represent much greater stress on your chain!
  2. Elastic, comfortable material – The materials used in your swing should be elastic and of a high-quality to be comfortable. These include nylon webbing, canvas, leather or even layered latex or rubber!
  3. Accessibility – Remember, the primary goal of the chair is offering access to your (or your partner´s) genitals, mouth, buttocks, and perineum – something that comfortable metal chair on a chain will not provide!

Keep in mind: Be sure that both you and your partner do not have allergies to metals and latex as any allergic reaction will ruin all your fun!

4 Best Models Worth Getting

#4: Trinity 360 Spinning Sex Swing by Trinity Vibes


As you can see in the image above, the Trinity 360 Swing is black and made out of nylon, metal, and ABS. It has various padded supports for your back, butt/thighs, and feet/calves.

What is more, this model has wider nylon straps with self-tightening buckles and a torque bar for added support for your wild love making sessions.

Pay attention: You can spin this sex swing in 360 degrees. While it has lower maximal weight, it will cost you between $70.00 – $150.00 depending on the e-shop you are ordering from.

#3: Pleasure Swing by Whip Smart

swing by smartwhip

The WhipSmart sex swing comes in a “Mystical black” color and has good ratings by verified Amazon customers. As you can see, it is similar to the Trinity 360 Sex Swing and is made out of nylon straps with padded supports and metal buckles.

Pay attention: This product will cost you around 75.00 depending on the place you are ordering from.

#2: Fantasy Bondage Swing (Fetish Fantasy Series) by Pipedream

bondage sex swing rating

Difficult positions and angles are now easy to achieve thanks to this sex swing that mounts into a ceiling beam or an underside wooden frame of a sturdy doorway.

This swing includes:

– Heavy-Duty Steel Eyelet Bolt, Heavy-Duty Link Chain, Torsion Spring, Metal Support Bar, 2 Large Padded Supports for Butt and Back, 2 Small Padded Stirrups for Legs, 2 Wrist Cuffs and 2 Ankle Cuffs,Strategically Placed O-Rings, 2 EZ-Open Connecting Hooks, Instruction Sheet and a Free Satin Love Mask.

Keep in mind: This is a really great model that is ideal for beginners and its price varies between $100 – $200.00.

#1: Ouch! Deluxe Sex Swing by Shots Media

ouch sex swing

If you are looking for something that looks like a piece of art, then Ouch! deluxe swing may be just for you. Made in Europe, it offers an exclusive design finished with chrome plating.

Its belts, ties, and straps are all made from comfortable T-shirt cotton that is smooth and soft on a bare skin, offering a very gentle grip, even under pressure. This model is completely latex free so it is great for those who are prone to allergies.

Pay attention: Because it is a luxurious swing, it will cost much more. Its price is between $399.00 – $799.00 depending on the e-shop you are ordering from.

Final Verdict: Must Have Toy for Fun & Passionate Sex

sex swing rating

Although there are many different places for you to buy yours, not all models and brands are trustworthy, safe, and durable! However, I have found only 2 places where you can get these sex toys in a high-quality for an excellent price:

  1. – The eXtreme Restraints offers numerous models for every type of sex swing currently available on the market.
  2. – The second site offers fantastic models from Fetish Fantasy Series!

So, next time you are in the market for something to spice up your lovemaking, you should definitely think about your new sex swing.

Hey folks! My pen name is James Buzinko (a.k.a. Stallion) and I want to make this THE GREATEST place for every guy to master the arts of love, dating and attraction! I am young, free and my motto is "Carpe Diem".
  • Katie L

    I found that with ours, it was very well made and easy to install. We mounted ours to the ceiling within a few minutes with the help of a stud finder and a power drill. The materials that ours were made out of seemed to be high quality, but we were not pleased with the amount of padding. I would highly suggest ordering extra padding if you can, otherwise it might be uncomfortable.

    But if you’re looking for a new way to spice things up and have some fun, and possibly find some new positions then it is definitely a great purchase, and I would highly recommend it.

    • James Buzinko

      Thank you Katie for the added tip!

  • Amy W.

    We got one of these just to try out and see if we could hit some different positions that require a lot of pressure on our joints otherwise and found that the swing definitely made it a lot of fun and a lot less painful to try out some of the positions that we were looking forward to. The only thing I found that I didn’t like about the swing was the fact that the spring would sometimes make a lot of noise, thus alerting potential others in the house/apartment of our devious activities.

    Otherwise though, just make sure you practice with it and don’t expect to have amazing sex when you first try it out. It definitely takes some getting used to, but once you’ve figured it out, it’s a ton of fun to play on and with.

    • James Buzinko

      Maybe you could try to oil that spring a little bit to avoid the noise.

  • Kyle G.

    Just make sure that you get the right kind for what you are looking to do. If you’re looking for one that you can use just with your partner in a room, then it’s fine to get a free standing one, or one that hangs from a door frame, but otherwise if you’re looking to really get into it, then I would highly suggest shelling out the money for a ceiling mounted one.

    Oh and definitely do your research and make sure you are aware of what swing holds what weight and keep in mind of what you’ll be attempting to try out. You’re going to want one that holds above your weight (obviously) but over your partner’s weight as well, plus think about whether both of you will be using it at the same time, etc.

    Get one made out of high quality materials, or you’ll find you’ll be disappointed with the durability of it.

    • James Buzinko

      Kyle your words are really worth of attention of all other individuals who are interested in getting this product!

  • Chris T.

    What I find the best about this toy, is it kind of makes you feel like you’re in a circus, and you’re having circus sex, which can be a lot of fun if you’re big into role-playing and massive foreplay. But regardless, just make sure that you have good padding and keep a pillow nearby because sometimes my girlfriend complains that despite the padding, she gets uncomfortable.

    Some positions don’t work because my girlfriend has to hold her neck steady which makes her uncomfortable as well, but this can be easily fixed with a pillow. Overall, the product is a lot of fun to try out and if you’re lacking in the passion department, this can really ramp things up again.

    • James Buzinko

      Awesome tips for making the whole experience more comfortable. Especially having the pillow.

  • Rob.

    My wife and I actually find that ours doesn’t get used because we find that it is such a pain to get into and out of, and then when we try to balance properly, it just never works. We’ve tried to use it 5 times over the past 3 months and it has just killed the mood every single time.

    We are both in better than average shape,so it’s not that we are just not agile or anything of such nature. The swing seems like such a fun toy, but it ended up being way too much hassle for us.

    So perhaps it isn’t for everyone?

    • James Buzinko

      Perhaps not. Or maybe that specific model was rather cumbersome. Could you share with us its brand and model name?

  • Will

    Rob, I feel like we use ours more because we are able to try positions that we normally couldn’t. My wifes not a large woman by aby means, but it does get tiring trying to hold her up by myself and thats where the swing comes in. It takes a lot of the weight off.

  • Lily

    I think this would be fun to try. Different positions and add some excitement to your sex life. My husband and I are excited to get ours.

    • James Buzinko

      Just keep in mind safety tips and please share with us your feedback.

  • Jason

    This would be amazing to have! Looks fun.

    • James Buzinko

      And it really is fun!

  • Elsie

    My boyfriend and I just got the swing and we enjoy it very much! It spices things up and lets us try positions we weren’t able to do before. It actually works out my arms too 😉

  • duncan

    i don’t know about you guys, but the fear of breaking my neck totally inhibits me. if i ever get so bored with my sex life, i might get one, but otherwise i’ll keep my fucking safe and close to the ground

    • James Buzinko

      Sure, it does not appeal to everybody.

  • emma

    my husband bought one as a kinky 5 years anniversary gift, and the sex is so good that we’re almost living in this swing, seriously haha. its a very fun and kinky way to have sex and it’s so much more interesting than vanilla. i’m hooked!

    • James Buzinko

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us Emma! It is really appreciated.

  • Lebron

    this thing sounds great, but where the heck are you gonna put it…or store it? it seems more like a kinky sex toys for people with too much room in their house…i envy them! :

    • James Buzinko

      There are versions that actually take very little space!

  • leroy

    I disliked having sex in the swing, i just felt uncomfortable hanging in there are just not being grounded. felt weird. Guess I’m missing out on all of the fun

  • nissan

    i bought this a while back and me and my wife have never had as much sex as now. it’s both relaxing and naughty, and we always find new positions to play around with. would definitely reccomend!

    • James Buzinko

      Thanks, it was originally intended to enable many new positions for you all.