The Forbidden Art of Prostate Milking


prostate milking with one finger

Hey, guys, if you are like most men (including myself), you will at least hesitate when presented with the idea of playing with (or inserting anything in) your anus. However, you should keep an open mind as the information below may completely change (and skyrocket) your sex life.

If you don´t, you may be missing out on intense pleasure. Why? Simply because close to a male rectal wall is hidden a small, walnut-size gland that is called prostate.

This little “devil” is so sensitive and full of nerve endings that it is also called a “Male G-Spot“.

Through its massage (also called milking), you can experience a mind-blowing orgasm that is far stronger than the one that you can achieve through stimulation of your penis.

All you will need are just your hands, lot of oil based lube, and patience. Of course, a specialized sex toy will make everything easier but is not necessary for you to climax.

However, before we dive into various techniques, tips, and tricks to milking your prostate, you need to be informed about potential risks and situations when you should never do it!


Before you start with milking the prostate, there are some health-related issues you need to know about. While the practice itself is safe, certain medical conditions can make it really dangerous.

These include:

  • Acute prostatitis – Anyone suffering from this condition can harm themselves by causing blood poisoning
  • Hemorrhoids – When you irritate the rectum, you can cause hemorrhoids to appear after an internal massage
  • Prostatic calculi – Small stones that are sometimes found on the surface of your gland can form without your knowledge, and these can scratch the gland causing pain and irritation
  • Prostate cancer – If you suffer from cancer, milking can cause the cancerous cells to spread all over your body (no massaging should ever be performed in this case)

Many of these conditions can only be discovered after a proper medical examination performed by a doctor. Therefore, I highly recommend you to have a yearly exam before you try to massage your prostate (especially if you are over 30 years old).

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Male Perineum

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 Achieve 100% erection
Use a lot of oil-based lube on your fingers and perineum
Best position is to lay down on bed (on your back)
Stop as soon as you start to feel any significant discomfort

I understand that a lot of men do not like the idea of anything entering their anuses. Luckily, you can still milk your male G-Spot from the outside and make your love life better!

All you need to do is to follow these simple instructions:

  1. Achieve full erection (this will make your prostate gland swell = more visible)
  2. Lay down on your back with your knees in the air and feet comfortably on the bed
  3. With one hand, reach to your testicles and hold them up
  4. With the other hand locate a perineum (whole area between your anus and scrotum)
  5. Lube up your index, middle and ring fingers and start gently rubbing the point in the middle of perineum (halfway between your anus and scrotum)
  6. Keep stroking your penis with the one hand and massaging with the other
  7. After a while, you should start to feel a soft, but firm spot (this is your prostate gland)
  8. Slowly & gently rub your prostate through this place until you start to feel you are going to cum
  9. At this point, begin pushing harder in small circular motions until you reach a very intense orgasm

To stimulate it externally, you will need to use enough force because you will be pushing through a lot of tissue before reaching your prostate. Obviously, this method requires some practice so do not get discouraged if you can’t find the right spot for a first few times.


Milking should never cause you any pain
Always cut your fingernails & use a lube to avoid skin irritation
You will need to find the spot that feels the best for you through practice
It produces softer orgasms than internal massage

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internal prostate massage

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 Achieve 100% erection
Use a lot of oil-based lube on your fingers/toys and anus
Use special sex toys for easier climax
There will be a release of semen so have tissues at hand
Stop as soon as you start to feel any significant discomfort

Reaching a P-Orgasm through internal stimulation is not very complicated, but it will require a little practice on your side. Before you begin, it is crucial to choose a position that will be the most comfortable for you.

Here are five most popular positions among men that allow easy access to the rectum:

  • Being on both your hands and knees
  • Bent over a table or a chair
  • Laying on your side in the bed (my favorite when alone)
  • On your back with your knees in air and feet on the ground
  • Squatting

If you want to give this practice a try or want to add a little flair to your sex life, follow these steps to get started:

  1. Have a bowel movement and take a shower to make everything clean down there
  2. Trim your nails and file any sharp edges you may have
  3. Get yourself into one of the positions above
  4. Put on latex gloves or you can go skin-to-skin
  5. Place oil based lubricant on your index finger and your anus (you can use special toys instead of your fingers)
  6. Try to be relaxed (if not, play with your anus for a little bit to make it relax)
  7. Insert index finger into your rectum (do this slowly and gently)
  8. Go 2–3 inches deep (about your second knuckle)
  9. Move the tip of your finger up in the direction of your navel (belly button)
  10. Explore with your finger and try to locate round bulb of tissue inside of the rectum – that is the prostate gland (it has a size of a walnut)
  11. When you are in the right spot, you will notice a different sensation (does not have to be pleasurable)
  12. Once located, gently stroke the area all around it with your fingerpad and avoid its middle (force, speed, and type of movement is very individual so feel free to experiment)
  13. Take your time and avoid touching your penis to achieve most intense prostate orgasm
  14. After you achieve the desired number of P-Orgasms, you can begin masturbating to experience very intense ejaculation (have a towel at your hand)

This is all that is needed to milk your gland. There may be a significant release of semen from your penis so have tissues at hand. Do not forget to add more lube when needed and if you feel any pain – stop immediately!


Milking should never cause you any pain
Always cut your fingernails & use a lube to avoid skin irritation
Do not use too much force & be gentle when entering anus
Do not touch your cock when internally milking your prostate to experience intense orgasms

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Watch This Great Demonstration Video on Finding His Prostate Internally (2:19 Minutes)


A lot of guys has been sending me emails that they have troubles identifying an approaching prostate orgasm and that they are worried they are doing it wrong. Therefore, I have decided to add signs that you are on the right track and your “Big O” is near.

If you are getting closer to your climax through prostate massage, you could experience:

  • Spontaneous leakage of pre-cum
  • Urge to pee (it is just a feeling, trust me that you will not piss yourself)
  • Spontaneous muscle contractions outside the area of stimulation (especially pelvic and thigh areas as well as legs)
  • Built up of feeling of warmness in the areas of your pelvis and genitals (sign of an orgasm that is very close)

Just remember that each one of us is different. Therefore, you may not experience all of these signs in this order, but your experience may be different. If so, then please share it with us in the comments section at the end of this article.

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“But in most cases, most men will not confide that they like it. They will keep that very private. An example…”

“My brother told me there was no way he would ever stick his or anyone else´s finger up his butt and do that… ever!”

“Yet his wife told me he really loves it when she sticks her fingers up his ass and rubs his prostate when she´s blowing him. She says it really makes him cum hard and delivers a huge load… Men!”

User Roc from

“Never got an orgasm with Helix, though it was very pleasurable. Progasm seems a bit big, but once inserted it is so comfortable… You twitch your muscles a bit and then it takes over… it really does.”

“You will find your whole body contracting and your penis twitching. I have used it for quite prolonged sessions… On some occasions, I am in a state of orgasm (dry) for more than an hour!!!! Definitely recommended.”

User Norkabator from

“Not sure what qualifies as milking. Massaging the prostate to orgasm isn´t the easiest thing to do yourself – but have had it done to me, and it was great.”

“Those with patience (and stamina) to do it gently for a long time did the most for me… but those who were more vigorous or used toys/vibrators were intense, too.”

User Passive Aggressor from

“For me, an orgasm obviously feels great as it does for all guys, but when the prostate is stimulated when you are getting your penis stimulated it is like going from mono sound to II surround sound.”

“The sensations are not just in your penis but flow through deep in your ass and into your stomach area. It is simply amazing.”

“There are orgasms, and then you can turn on the supercharger and magnify and expand the intensity and area within your body that feel the waves of each contraction as you ejaculate.”

User ProV1 from

“My first prostate orgasm was a few months ago. I had an Aneros massager, made for prostate massaging, and decided to go for it. … Anyway, I was laying down and doing the initial exercises. Inhale and contract, exhale and relax, and that alone felt amazing.”

“However, I went to try another position and in sitting up, the Aneros hit a sweet spot. I let out a loud groan and then clapped my hands over my mouth. … I was rock hard, but I kept true to the instructions and didn’t touch myself. After a while felt it building. I knew I was going to climax, but it wasn´t a typical feeling. When it hit, it fucking hit.”

“A wave smashing into my groin, wave after wave smashing over the rest of my body. I felt every hair follicle on my scalp, and I felt a pressure building again. I had ended up groaning again, quite loudly, and shot across the room. Multiple volleys of semen flew across the room, managing to hit the opposite wall. When it was over, I was still quivering. Gasping for air and trying to not touch my body.”

User from


Guys, I honestly hope you liked this guide. Even if you are not completely “on the train” with the idea of playing with your prostate, I want you to take one thing out of this article:


I understand that a lot of men shy away from anything that is related to playing with (and penetrating) their anuses. However, experiencing a prostate orgasm is something incredible that you simply cannot achieve through regular sex.

It may shock you first, but trust me, you will love it (and no it does not mean you are gay).

Shooting loads of semen for several seconds (in intense cases even minutes), feeling waves of pleasure inside your body, losing control over your movements, these are just a few “sweets” you are going to miss if you decide to not try this out.

Please, share with us your personal experience in the comments section at the end of this article.

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Prostate Milking FAQs

FAQ #1: Is there any difference between milking and massage?

Both terms address the same thing – stimulation of the gland. The techniques used are the same as well.

The only difference is in the fact, that milking focuses on stimulating the gland up to the point it releases massive amounts of fluids (semen).

FAQ #2: Will this massage hurt?

Guys, if you are doing everything right, you should not feel any pain during this procedure. However, if your gland is not healthy (inflamed or some other more serious issue), you may feel some degree of pain (often dull and unlocalized).

If this is the case, you should stop and talk to your medical professional to be sure you are not doing more harm than good to your body.

FAQ #3: Doesn't "anal stimulation and pleasure" make me a little gay?

I think I should have started with this questions as it’s one of the most common ones I get. Guys, there is one simple answer, it’s a big NO!

Sexual orientation is not about what you do with your body during sex, but it is about who do you have sex with. You need to realize that both heterosexual and even gay guys love getting a blowjob.

Therefore, if you love prostate or anal play, and you do it alone or with a girl, it does not mean that you are gay, and you do not need to worry about your sexual orientation.

FAQ #4: Isn't prostate massage a little bit "dirty"?

Well, the answer to this question depends on how well you prepare for your “session”. It can, but it does not have to be!

If you follow the advice in this article, this should be completely clean and pleasurable experience for both your partner and yourself.

FAQ #5: Will prostate stimulation get you addicted?

A lot of guys (who read those excellent user experiences) may worry that this kind of orgasm can be so intense that it will make you “hooked up“. Trust me, although it may be the peak of male pleasure, it will not ruin your sexual satisfaction from regular sex.

As guys from Pleasure Mechanics wrote: “Think of a great steak dinner – you may love it once in awhile, but it doesn’t make a great burger any less pleasurable!

FAQ #6: What is the liquid that will come out of me?

Believe it or not, during your orgasm, the gland will release a lot of clear, non-sticky fluid. This is basically a semen.

It is almost the same substance male body releases during regular orgasm, but it lacks the sperm. Just keep in mind that there may be a lot more liquid than you are used to ejaculating during regular orgasm.

FAQ #7: I bet my wife will not be into this - what should I do?

Guys, do not make the mistake by not talking to your sexual partner before assuming she will not like anything new. Just tell her that there is something exciting you would love to experience in your sex life.

I bet that she will respond positively to such request. Especially if she will know that she will be giving you intense pleasure!

Just show her this article where she will find answers to all her questions and I bet she will be into trying this the next time you will have sex together.

FAQ #8: What is the best way to get started?

If you are a beginner, I highly suggest you start by following the guidance within this article. Do not forget that except your fingers you can use massagers (good models are making this whole experience a lot more comfortable).

Pay attention: You should get one from the Aneros brand. I have listed their best models right here – The Beginner’s Guide to Aneros Prostate Massagers.

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reddit on prostate massage

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“Get ready for “bad” news: you might not have an orgasm on your first try. That’s fine. I had a prostate toy for about 2 years. I used it on and off and I didn’t have an orgasm from it until recently. I realize now that the main problem is that the batteries would constantly die on me, but even when they held up, I didn’t have an orgasm. One thing that was always for sure: huge orgasm when I finally masturbated. Also, lots and lots of semen. I found it amazing to masturbate while the toy was in.”

“So as I’ve said before, just focus on the current sensations. It might be a while until you have an orgasm, but I promise you’ll enjoy it and improve your orgasms regardless, so you’re already winning. I think it’s important to try to focus on the current sensations, rather than on the orgasm. Focus on what you’re feeling, not on what you’re not feeling.”

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Perfect for Beginners / Intermediate Users Thanks to Its Medium Size & Extra Features (Check Price & Reviews)

Guys, the best option (although it is quite expensive) I have found on the market these days is called HUGO. It is a remote-controlled, vibrating prostate massager made by the Swedish company called LELO (do not worry they have an office in the US as well).

The HUGO is medium sized (an insertable length of 3.4 inches / 85 mm and a girth of just over 4 inches) that makes it perfect for almost every user no matter his experience.

Watch the Video About The Best Massagers Right Now!

There are several features that are worth pointing out:

It has two vibrating motors (one in base and another one in tip)
Remotely controlled unit with 6 modes of regular vibrations and 2 SenseMotion modes
Made out of medical-grade materials (silky smooth silicon surface with a gold ABS plastic base)
Rechargeable (2 hours of charging time) model that offers approximately two hours of “play time”
This product is completely waterproof

Every one of these great features is packed in a relatively lightweight unit (just 4.1 oz / 116 g). However, this perfect product has one downside – it is its price. The HUGO model is one of the most expensive prostate massagers on the market with the price around $219.00.


The HUGO by LELO is one of the best remote-controlled prostate massagers on the market these days. It is medium-sized and offers many extra features that make this model great for users of all experience levels.

Perfect for Advanced / Experienced Users Thanks to Its Larger Size (Check Price & Reviews)

The second best option that I am going to recommend to you is called VICE. Again, this one is a vibrating product. However, this time it has no remote controller. The VICE massager is made by the American company called Aneros.

The VICE is rather on the larger-size spectrum of prostate massagers (an insertable length of 4 inches / 101 mm and a girth of little under 4 inches). Therefore, it may be too big and intimidating for beginners to begin with. However, it delivers perfect sensations to advanced and experienced users.

Watch the Promo Video About The Aneros Vice Model!

There are several features that are worth pointing out:

It has a single insertable stainless-steel “bullet” vibrator that is ultra quiet
Lacks remote controll but offers three vibrating patterns with each one offering three levels of intensity
Made out of high quality medical grade silicone (phtalate-free) whose satin finish allows for a comfortable and easy-to-clean experience
Offers incredible hands-free stimulation thanks to the contractions of your PC muscles

Every one of these great features is packed in a relatively lightweight unit (just 8 oz / 226 g). However, this quality made massager has one downside – it is not completely waterproof. The VICE model is significantly less expensive than HUGO, with the price around $139.95.


The VICE by Aneros is a high-quality vibrating prostate massager. It has a rather large size and therefore it is more suitable for advanced and experienced users.

Perfect for Advanced & Experienced Users Thanks to Its Large Size (Check Price & Reviews)

The third option on this list is another vibrating massager called LOKI WAVE. Although it is not remotely controlled, it is still very easy to use and is made by a great Swedish company called Lelo (same company that makes HUGO massager as well).

The LOKI WAVE is quite big (an insertable length of 3.54 inches / 90mm and a girth of just above 4 inches). This larger size makes it a perfect option for users who are more skilled in prostate play.

Watch the Training Video About The Lelo Loki Wave

There are several features that are worth pointing out:

It has dual-motors that offer both internal as well as external stimulation at the same time
Easy to control unit that offers 10 different modes of stimulation
Made out of medical-grade materials (silky smooth silicon surface with an ABS plastic base)
Rechargeable (2 hours of charging time) model that offers approximately two hours of “play time”
This product is fully waterproof

Every one of these great features is packed in a relatively lightweight unit (just 7 oz / 198 g). Similarly as in the case of HUGO, this quality made massager has one downside – it is expensive. The LOKI WAVE model will cost you around $219.00.


The LOKI WAVE by LELO is a high-quality massager that offers a great variety of stimulation patterns. Its large size and 10 different stimulation patterns make this model great for advanced and experienced users.

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  • Kevin

    You know the old saying don’t knock it till you’ve tried it? Oh boy, this is soo true! I never was big on putting my ginger up my butt like most men but my girlfriend surprised me with it and I’ve become a fan haha. If you’re doing this for the first time stick to your fingers and plenty of lube and next time try toys. Enjoy!

    • James Buzinko

      Thanks Kevin for your advice and tips. I bet these will help somebody.

      • Dave

        WHERE do I find a lady that will do this for me/? I live in Texas

  • Maria

    I love both so you can’t say I’m old fashioned but when this guy asked me to massage his prostate you can imagine my reaction. Not because I didn’t want to do it but I couldn’t believe my ears! Off course he had a big orgasm but I never met another man that liked this till him so I guess it’s not for everyone.

    • James Buzinko

      It is definitely for anyone… Many guys are over-protective of their anuses and they refuse any contact with it just from principle.

  • Batman

    I couldn’t finger my ass even if this was the only way to cum! I don’t find it gay or anything but I don’t feel comfortable roaming up my ass trying to find my prostate. It’s great that it makes your orgams better but I won’t be doing this anytime soon!

    • James Buzinko

      Your stand is completely understandable and majority of guys think this way. Some people are just not so open minded about this whole thing.

  • Herman

    I do this while laying on the side because my anus is tighter this way and it feels a lot better. I’m straight and only had sex with woman but doing this jerking makes it a lot better, trust me. The key is to start as slow as possible and if you don’t like it, just stop.

    • James Buzinko

      Sure, rather stop than doing this forcefully and hurting yourself.

  • Josephina

    My husband asks me to do this from time to time and I have to say his orgasms are more powerful and the sensation continues long after he cummed. I was the one that suggested we tried it after reading an article online and to my surprise he agreed to do it.

    • James Buzinko

      Well, he seems like a happy man. I bet there is still a majority of dudes who never ever experienced this type of pleasure.

  • Lori

    I love giving my men anal play, but I’ve met so many men who are so insecure about letting me go near their ass in any way or form. I don’t know if it’s internalised homophobia, or they just wrap their hands about being a passive receiver and not an active penetrator for once, but eh, their loss. My ex husband loved me playing with his ass. He was a dick, but the anal play was so much fun :/

    • James Buzinko

      Hey Lori, thanks for stopping by and leaving comment here. I have to say that I believe that many men have never tried it and if you ask them about it they will back off of it. So sometimes it may be better to not ask but make little initiative and see how they will react.

  • Niko

    I love it when my wife plays with my prostate. I don’t know if milking is the right name for it, but damn. The woman works her fingers like a lesbian. My orgasms are super intense every time she does that. I think I might be getting addicted

    • James Buzinko

      That is awesome you have found girl that is pro at this! I bet that you will sooner or later want it more than regular sex 🙂

  • Lucas

    I love it when my boyfriend does this to me during foreplay. I’ve come across it in an article and we’ve been going at it ever since. Nice to use before sticking the dick in, it gets you all ready. I think all gay men should become prostate experts

    • James Buzinko

      Thanks Lucas. I agree with you on this one. All gay men should know about this and get experts in it!

    • Kymani Fabrice Arceneaux

      I sure hope you massage his prostate.

  • Mattias

    I don’t know about this. I’d rather not let anyone get near my ass. It’s a jungle out there, they might get their finger tangled in my butt lianas. I’d have to shave all over, and that ain’t gon happen.

    • James Buzinko

      Hahaha, Mattias I share your doubts as well. My “lianas” are dangerous to any finger that would want to go near my butt-hole. And I have to say that I am happy with my “lianas” and I am not going to give them off!

  • Frank

    I love it. I asked my wife to try it with me a few months ago, and I’m hooked! I have orgasms that rock my whole body. It’s incredible. It’s made me be just a bit jealous of gay men. just a tiny bit.

    • James Buzinko

      That is awesome Frank. I would love to experience that full body orgasm. Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on some prostate massager that will help me to increase this type of a pleasure.

  • anurag

    how can i find a prostate massager in india …i really love if someone do this for me

    • James Buzinko

      Sory man but I can not help you with this one as I am not from India. I can only give ypu this advice. Just try to buy prostate massager (for example from Aneros brand) and try to milk your own prostate by yourself.

  • johnnyrothko

    Hey dudes, one hell of alot of us discover this phenomenal orgasm supreme while going into adolesence and the immediate aftermath really messes us up depending on the indoctrinations and the intensities of them. In my case I was born into strict Roman Catholic psychosis with a mother who was fanatical! And as Scott Peck and most of the rest of the behavioral world community will attest – the Vatican keeps a steady supply of very disturbed, guilt ridden with a self esteem situation that seems to be waiting for accounts settled when we die.

    When I was little and would get caught doing my libido/eros investigations #1 is that of course I was going to get a terrible beating which in conjunction with the nature of the infraction has an abject humiliation factor of some intensity. My mother would have the per-inquest in THE BATHROOM. Because this is where we make excrement go away, this is where we wash away the dirt and of course it is the only place where, if we are alone we can expose our privates.

    Grasp this sickness, and then take a hard look at the sacrilegious and blasphemous absurdities that are attributed to our great creator. Over time I have come to understand that this great intelligence is very comfortable with it. After all, the great gift we are given is our capacity for higher reasoning. How they came up with Jesus being the big one is easy to see if you simply look at the previous civilizations using the same model.

    But when i was at that age and it is God and the Archangels and this whole empire of blessed beings obsessed with what we do with our genitiles and with whom! It is easy to see just another case of man interpreting the great creator through our own ‘image’ which is also something of a sallow designation. So lots of kids think they are being evil while they are only doing what this apparatus is supposed to do and keeping it in order. We are, like most species hard-wired adulterer’s pursuant to the reproductive imperative. How the impossible promise came to be implemented is a long drawn out affair to explain. Suffices if we at least point out the needs of a civilization are quite different than that of the wilds.

    Jung, Freud and a host of rock star thinkers of the enlightenment were getting on to this amazing mystery of the anal rectal super fun apparatus better than a couple of hundred years back. And you will notice that societies everywhere will not bother to go into it in the sciences.

    So anyway, young boy me in the bathroom – I did experience this turbo charge orgasm plenty of times and always figured that God the angels the scribes and everyone who has ever lived is going to know about this perverted trespass when judgement day comes. It is funny that it didn’t occurs to me to associate it with my sexual orientation. Many guys would worry that it meant they are really gay but that they suppress it.

    This syndrome was never a concern for me in that I figured if I were homosexual, then surely I would have a gay inner fantasy life. But, well I’m just a straight dude with a better than average love of sex as on my mother’s side of the family hyper-sexuality is conspicuous in several of my uncles. And, well it was with an aunt, very dear to me who was also hyper-sexual and thus a good match with said uncle. Well, situations did permit and her knowing eyes and very relaxed and UN-fettered perception of this wonderful and joyous experience. We did have a clandestine and sacred exchange a number of times beginning with my being age 14. And she also did do the prostate milking along with that ‘Oh Boy!’ when a seamen gieger would burst. And, there was plenty of anal interplay with her as well and she would explain that the more you are relaxed there, in that place – the easier it is to see fucked up people and what it is that causes so much guilt.

    My endeavors into things esoteric would arrive at the same thing she was clear on. That is, ninety-nine percent of our suffering is of our own making. Now, this woman did not preach or teach. She was quiet and soft spoken and along with a second aunt that i would also have an, into the mystic with (but not until age 20) but the other aunts considered them sluts and doomed to hell. Although, their brothers – cuz they is men! would probably get a pass.

    I laugh still as I recall those angry expressions on the faces of these women. Because these two ‘sluts’ are that which constitute a true feminist. Don’t hold your breathe waiting for ‘womens studies’ on campus’s globe to arrive at the obvious in the near future. That is, they are still of ‘the society of women’ which in tradition is merely centuries of male indoctrination in training women to police one another. So you see so much hatred of male gender, but when the specificic’s are due you see a wave of absurd schisms and lines of inquiry based on – well everyone knows about Dworkin, Sontag and the rest. Though – Camille Paglia – now in as much as I was able to observe she really did steer the ship on course!

    Anyway, anal, rectal and the unacknowledged bliss mechanism. There is a woman across the street and we have a friendship. Very honest but as yet no touching and the rest. Well, she gets very constricted at the mention. You see? People can be embarrassed even when only with themselves. Now, if she were to see sex as something you do with like minded non-judgmental people I expect there would be much improvement.

    In closing though, what is something to ponder is that I disengaged prostate fun in my late teens. Foer one thing, getting old enough to know how stupid it is to think you are guilty for doing sex either self-served or the bosses wife makes the orgasm so plentyful I seldom thought of prostate powder keg sessions. Except, well with certain leisure time fun with amphetamines, and other stimulants and then, well everyone should have enema bags and not be embarrassed that they might be found. You have to get it clean and lubricated. Anyway, so I hit fifty and am less inclined to be intimate with another person in this way.

    So listen up Mattias, Buzinko and my other good dudes and babes. The best thing you can have is a freedom from the opinions of most of the others. The masses. Thus I can write this and thus rejoice! And it was so with two of my aunts and I as well!

  • Health Whoop on prostrate

    thanks for this article!
    very informative.

  • Foxforcefive

    Thank you for taking the time to present us “seekers” whom are comfortable and willing to explore every facet of our pleasure. Well, almost every facet! Hahaha
    I really appreciate your article. Boom! Found it and erased any previous doubt and the experience was extraordinary, euphoric even!

    Your article was descriptive and easy to follow which really made me feel a lot easier about the experience.

    So much so that I have shared the article with all my mates and recommended they try it for themselves of and when ready! Some have already pounced at it! In my eyes, this practice does not make me any less of a “man” but possibly even more of one. Best orgasm I have ever had and drug free! Hahaha

    People with your attitude and approach to life is exactly what we all need at this time of transition..

    Again thank you and be well 🙂