The Advanced Guide to Talking Dirty


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Dirty talk can be a very powerful weapon in your arsenal. You might think of it as just cursing, very graphic sayings, or anything that is said during intercourse.

Or, you might believe that people do not always like it. Here, I will give you the complete rundown on what this is, what to do and what to avoid, ideas for those just starting out, and much more.

If you have ever wanted to really wow your partner with your mouth (in more than one sense), then read on!

The Basics of Dirty Talk

Surprisingly, the term “dirty talk” covers a variety of things. From subtle hints to blatant graphic tell-all sexy stuff, there are at least three different types you can explore (I provide free examples for each below).

This is anything that you say to your lover to make her/him feel attractive. There are several reasons why you should use it regularly:

  1. Builds Attraction – It can make your partner feel loved and attractive.
  2. Enhanced Confidence – It boosts self-esteem as well as makes both of you turned on by the moment.
  3. Adds Spice to Sex Live – It definitely will improve your relationship, especially if you notice your love life has been particularly bland, and uninteresting lately.
  4. Impress her – You can also charm those you would like to date, see more of, or just get to stay a little bit longer.

Despite what you may have heard, both women and men love it. Although everyone is different, your partner’s gender has no bearing on what they do or do not consider attractive and sexy.

Keep in mind: Even the shyest of us can appreciate some nasty words from time to time, and at various levels. They key is finding out what works best with however you happen to be with at the time.

While some like to take it easy, others love the graphic and kinky stuff. You may want to have a discussion about what they do and do not like.

The Perfect Way to Talk Dirty

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Is there a secret to talking dirty? Some would say – “Yes” – while others would say – “Just go with it.” However, when you talk dirty, be sure to think about both two things.

First, you need to know what you are going to say (below are some examples you can use tonight). Second, you need to focus on the way you are presenting your words. You should

You definitely should:

  • Talk Slowly
  • Use Deeper, Sultry Voice
  • Whisper into Her Ear

Keep in mind: A sultry whisper, even if what is said is not that graphic can be devastatingly sexy. While making love together, even the simplest noise or turn of phrase can really serve as a proper turn on!

Feel free to experiment while talking dirty, and remember to stay confident. Do not let embarrassment keep you from having fun.

3 Levels with Universal Examples

Level #1 – Soft Dirty Talk

Soft dirty talk may not be overtly sexual. It may be said just as a compliment. For example, you may say:

  • Gee… your outfit looks so sexy tonight.
  • I love the things you do to me!
  • “Your body is so sexy.  I’m so lucky to have you.”
  • “I always feel so good around you.”
  • “I need you right now.”
  • “I just can’t get enough of your legs.”
  • “You always know how to turn me on right away.”
  • “I get so turned on just thinking about the last time we made love.”

Keep in mind: Just make your partner feel sexy and wanted. However, you have to be honest and base your compliments on the reality.

Level #2 – Medium Dirty Talk

This is often used as foreplay, and can be a bit more graphic. You may say something like:

  • I want to be with you so badly right now,” while kissing.
  • Oh, that feels so good! Do that again!
  • Your wish is my command!
  • “You have great tits; I love playing with them.”
  • “You can have me any way you want, babe.”
  • “I love the things you do with your tongue.”
  • “I just want to be used by you tonight. Can I be your personal toy?”
  • “I want to tie you up later and have my way with you.”

Keep in mind: This may or may not to be graphic at all. This depends on what you both prefer. Often, simple moaning and groaning are enough.

Level #3 – Hard-Core Dirty Talk

The third category may involve slang or even swear words. Although this can seem weird when out of context, it can be very attractive when done in the heat of the moment!

For example, you may say:

  • F**k me harder, baby!
  • “I’m going to f**k you until you beg for mercy.”
  • Your (insert noun) tastes so good!
  • “I love licking you all over.”
  • “Use me like your f**k-toy!”
  • What a sweet sexy ass!
  • Oh, baby, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had. Thank you for that.
  • Oh (insert sexy nickname here), I love it when you (verb) my (noun).”

Keep in mind: Feel free to experiment with all kinds of different phrases while with your partner, both inside and outside of the bed. Chances are, she will love it!

Must Read for Every Newbie Dirty Talker

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If you are in the beginning, you may find dirty face-to-face talk intimidating, or even embarrassing. Don’t sweat it. Instead, you can start out by:

  1. Sending kinky emails or text messages as it is much easier to do. This way you can gauge her reaction and find footing for your bed time.
  2. Using softer forms that are not so graphic. For some people, especially beginner dirty talkers, phrases such as “Oh God!”, “I love your outfit!”, or “Your (insert noun) are/is so sexy right now!” can be more than enough.

Keep in mind: You need to start slowly and observe how she reacts to you. Just experiment to see what she likes the best when it comes to dirty talk.

4 Worst Things You Need to Avoid

When beginning with the dirty talk, there are many things you can do wrong. Here is a list of the most common mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Speaking only about yourself. Instead, try to focus on telling her what you want to do to her.
  2. Nervous stuttering. You need to sound dominant and strong to make it work.
  3. Not listening to her. You always have to listen to what she says and how she reacts to your words.
  4. Being too vague. You need to use details but still leave some place for her imagination.

If you are the object of dirty talk, always keep in mind that he or she is trying to flatter you, not to make you feel uncomfortable or strange.

Extra tip: Remember to use your words according to the situation, as well as your relationship status!

BONUS: A Few Other Ideas You Need to Try

If you require more inspiration, there are a few ideas for you to experience with:

  • Sharing – Tell your partner what you want to do to her, as well as what you want. Let her know when you like something, and how much you like it.
  • Repeating – Repeat what you just did to them in the bedroom, or what you have done in the past that was memorable. All these things are awesome places to start, and can be a fantastic way to get her in the mood.
  • Phone Sex & Sexting – You may even want to try phone sex, sexting, or just teasing one another face-to-face. Trust me that all of these options are amazing.

Pay attention: Feeling like you have no real ideas of your own? Think about reading erotic literature to one another, or perhaps even alone, to see what others consider attractive.

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