The 9 Best Places to Meet The Hottest Women


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REMEMBER: Below Are 9 Best Places to Meet The Hottest Girls EVER! Place Number 7 Is Really AWESOME! These Tips Helped Over 7,000 Readers! Photos & Tricks INCLUDED!

If you have really been having a hard time finding girls of your dreams – we are talking about total 10 knockouts here – then the odds are pretty good that you’ve been looking in all the wrong places.

Sure, gorgeous women are all around us each and every single day – but there are specific locations that real beauties frequent much more often than other!

If you want to land one of these diamonds in the rough you need to put yourself in the position to do so. Without any further chick-talk, here are 9 of the very best areas to meet jaw-dropping lovely ladies on a regular basis!

Place #1 – Local Community College


Your local community college (or, if your area supports major universities) is always going to be a fantastic possibility to get to know some of the hottest chicks you’ll ever see.

All of these are between 18 – 22 (and maybe just a bit older), guaranteeing that they are in the prime of their lives – and just starting to discover all of their sexuality!

Remember: We are talking about women that are knockouts through and through, young enough to have all the energy you need but old enough to give you the ride of your life! If you’re trying to find hot ladies, you will want to check out the local college and universities for sure!

Place #2 – The Bookstore


The bookstore is another fantastic place to meet gorgeous chicks. However, these are not just the physical beauties that you’ll see anywhere but they have a hidden intelligence about them that is exciting, intriguing, and truly sexy!

These aren’t the kind of girls that you will find falling out of bar stools on the weekends, but instead those that are moving forward towards real goals and making something of their lives. All sexy, driven, motivated and ambitious women that also happened to be a rather good-looking as well!

Place #3 – The Dog Park

walking the dog

Your local dog park is a place that you want to check out when you’re trying to meet beautiful ladies. Girls there are fun, playful, and loyal – much like their little furry family members that they have brought for a bit of an exercise!

It’s even better if you bring your dog to the park, especially if it gets along well with their little pooch. All you have to do is recommend that you get together in the future for more pet play dates, and eventually you’ll find the petting in the future to have absolutely nothing to do with your dogs!

Place #4 – Shopping Malls


You’d be hard-pressed to find even a single woman on the planet who doesn’t enjoy going out with their girlfriends and getting in a bit of shopping.

Luckily, this has the added benefit of all but guaranteeing that you’ll be able to meet packs of gorgeous women!

Remember: Yes, that’s right, you’re going to need to approach lovely girls in groups when you find them at the shopping mall. However, if your game is tight, and you have something to offer, it’s an extra hidden benefit because of the extreme confidence that this kind of a move conveys!

Place #5 – The Wedding Parties


There is just something about a wedding that brings out the best in women, getting them all jacked up and excited by the prospect of some weekend romance and a hookup.

On top of time, absolutely no one wants to look awful in a dress or down! The odds are fantastic that these ladies have been doing absolutely everything they can to get in top shape!

Pay attention: Combine that with the booze, music, and everyone staying in the same hotel, and you have a perfect combination for some pretty wild times!

Place #6 – The Gym (Including Yoga, Fitness & Pilates Classes)


Yes, you will run into “Project Girls” that are trying to get into the best shape of their lives at the gym but may still have a bit of a way to go.

However, you’ll also find absolute knockouts that are already in tip-top condition and just doing everything they can to maintain that gorgeous figure and healthy lifestyle.

Remember: Again, these women are sexy not just because of the way they look but also because of the incredible habits they are following on a regular basis. There’s nothing more attractive than a fit naked woman!

Place #7 – The Public Transportation & Subways


Everyone needs to get where they’re going, and subway can be a perfect place to run into people who you would never have in the past.

However, you need to be pretty smooth about picking up gorgeous women on public transportation or the subway. They probably been hit on by some creeps in the past, and are going to have natural defenses up just as high as they get.

Again, make sure that your game is tight and you should have no problems – but certainly respect their space if they just aren’t feeling it!

Place #8 – Coffee Shops


Coffee shops have become the new bar when it comes to drumming up some fun and romance, mostly because they are so much more casual in the perfect setting for “day dates”.

Find a local coffee shop in your neighborhood that you can become a “regular” at, and you’ll be able to enjoy a boost of social proof every single time you bring a new girl in!

Place #9 – Night Clubs & Bars


Last, but certainly not least, you can always fall back on the “old standard” of hitting up nightclubs and bars. There, you can pick the gorgeous girls that are taking in all of the nightlife in your city!

You’ll need to bring your A-game here as well because there is going to be a tremendous amount of competition for each hot women in a club! You’re going to need to do whatever you can to beat them out.

Hey folks! My pen name is James Buzinko (a.k.a. Stallion) and I want to make this THE GREATEST place for every guy to master the arts of love, dating and attraction! I am young, free and my motto is "Carpe Diem".
  • jake

    eh i wouldn’t recommend community colleges unless you’re looking for immature hook-ups. sure, they’re hot, but you can also risk them lying about their age and getting you in trouble. the other places are cool to go to and meet women tho, so thanks for the list!

    • James Buzinko

      Thank you Jake for the warning about the college places!

  • Nicole Fit

    as a woman, i would honestly discourage trying to pick up women at the gym. we’re there to workout and sweat, not have guys try to get into our pants. seriously, pick an appropriate time and place. if you do want to hit on a girl you saw at the gym, at least wait until she’s done :/

    • James Buzinko

      Well that is true. All guys read this comment and follow it to the point!

    • wanda

      Totally with you on this, Nicole! I hate it when I workout out and guys try to ask me for my number or if I’m single or not. And don’t get me started on the approach: “Hey babe, do you need help with those weights?”. It’s like some of them are six-year-old and try to get the first girl to talk to them. Be more original guys.

      • James Buzinko

        Sure, you need to always be original and creative if you want to start conversation with a chick that gets often approached by guys.

  • Peter Pk

    i love picking up chicks in subways, mostly because it’s such a challenge to come up with a good opener that makes them consider me. i mostly hit on girls with books because that’s an immediate conversation topic, and it leaves the impression i’m trying to chit-chat, not get into their pants. just a tip for y’all.

    • James Buzinko

      Thanks Peter, this is really good advice! I will try it out on my next subway ride!

  • tudor

    I love hitting on girls in book shops…there’s just something about a girl who reads. And I’m a total nerd and bookworm, so odds of finding someone there are higher…they’re also not so conceited as most girls in bars and clubs are. They don’t expect a drink, just good conversation.

    • James Buzinko

      That is really good strategy dude! How is your success rate?

  • lebron

    Thanks for the list, Stallion. I just got into the dating game after a 5 yr relationship, and I almost forgot how to pick up women haha. I’ll try my hand at most of these locations, see what I can find. Thanks man!

    • Murray

      It’s so hard to get back in the game! I dated the same girl for almost a decade, and now that I’m single it feels like the entire dating this is done differently now.

      • James Buzinko

        I believe it may be rather hard from the beginning, but if you have proper mindset, then there is nothing that can stop you from success!

    • James Buzinko

      Just let us know which one of these you consider the best and where you had the best success rate? And how about open-airs? Which one do you use?

  • Thomas

    As a guy that has met plenty of chicks at a night club, I have to say this isn’t the best place. Sure the girl might look nice, you guys will dance, you will buy her more drinks and dance more, she might even come home with you. But the next day she might not look the same and now you have wasted a bunch of money on buying some ugly chick drinks. And yes this happened to me recently lol so I have come to the conclusion, that picking up chicks when you are drunk at a night club has got to be one of the worst ideas ever lol

    • James Buzinko

      Dude this is always the worst possibility! Exactly due to the reasons you have mentioned. Maybe other dudes will read this comment before making this mistake as well.

  • Jessie

    I find the best place on this list is the mall, as a 17 year old girl that lives in the countryside, the only place that you can meet a guy that you don’t know or go to high school with is the Mall. My friends and I go there once a month. Its fun to walk around and look for hot guys. And its a great spot to go with someone that you are not “officially” dating. You can walk around and get to know each other, without any pressure since theres so many other shoppers there.

    • James Buzinko

      Thank you Jessie. That is true. It makes the whole situation more casual and hence creates less anxiety.

  • James

    A bookstore can be very tricky to pick up chicks. I was recently at Barnes and I spotted this hottie. I thought she gave me the look so I gathered myself and walked over to her and asked her “how are you?” “I am fine, but has anyone ever told you to not interrupt someone when they are reading”- she replied. So I replied “ Oh I am sorry I was looking at you and I felt that you were looking at me so I thought I would just come and greet you”, she looks at me and says “ I was looking at you because you were giving me a creeper look, not only that, but I am reading a book about lesbian relationships” I apologized and just laughed that one off. However, the chicks at my campus book store are more nicer and I even met my last girlfriend there.

    • Dan

      Yeah, not only is the noise level usually so low as to make any conversation awkward, but most of those girls are reading or in the middle of something. there’s to a lot of polite ways a guy can interrupt without looking desperate or sleazy.

      • James Buzinko

        Sure there are plenty of ways. You should always try your hardest not to look like you are hitting on her too hard!

    • James Buzinko

      Thanks dude, these are valuable information from real practice! I bet it will give other dudes reading these comments some useful stuff.

    • derrick

      Your comment made my day, James. Gotta agree with this one though, bookstores might not be the best place to spot gorgeous women. Not because they’re not there, but because everyone has their nose in books and feel disturbed when you interrupt their reading. But concerts are filled with sexy girls that might catch your eye.

      • James Buzinko

        Sure, concerts are amazing place to pick up free minded chicks who wants to have fun.

  • Marla

    What a great list! As a single gal, I never know where to go and meet single guys. It seems that everywhere you go all you see is happy couples. I have to say that I do love the gym idea, that way you can see if they take care of their body. I love athletic guys! Time for me to re-new my gym membership!

    • James Buzinko

      That is really great idea Marla! Just go for it and share your success with all of us!

    • marla

      I feel your pain girl! I’m in the same boat as you are! I can’t meet a single good looking guy that is neither gay nor married! Have all the good men been taken? Your gym idea is actually not bad and I might do that just to see what happens. I also have to start working out as the summer is upon us!

      • James Buzinko

        Sure, the older we get the less of hot free people are available to pick up. But if you start working out you will have better chances!!!

  • Joe

    Stallion, great list! Another great place to meet hot chicks is at festivals. I live in Toronto, Canada. In the summer we have many festivals such as Greek Fest, Latin Fest, Italian Fest, I make sure to be single every summer because theres so many hot chicks wearing short dresses.

    • James Buzinko

      Thanks Joe for great addition to these places! I completely forgot about that one…

  • Sara

    I’m a girl, and I love dogs! When I see a guy with a dog, I usually want to pet it if it’s friendly, and especially if the guy is cute too!

    • James Buzinko

      Having cute dog and looking good is one of the best “attention-getters” and open airs out there!

  • Ethan

    The gym is definitely the place where I meet all the hottest chicks. Those girls look good, and they’re there to get themselves in even better shape, so you know they care about taking care of themselves and that says a lot about a person. Since we’re all at the gym, we instantly have something in common, unlike the bar or public transit.

    • James Buzinko

      That is good point. When both are going to the gym, there is already one conversation topic you have in common that can both of you into great discussion.

  • Pablo

    Strange I know, but I always check out the missed connections section of craigslist after every subway ride to see if someone saw me. One of my friends had a missed connection posted about him, and it turned out it was a girl he lost track of years before. If only I could be so lucky!

    • James Buzinko

      Whow. That is really amazing how small the world can be! Lucky him!

  • Dea

    One piece of advice: buy a dog! It will keep you company and fill that empty spot near you in bed but it’s also a guaranteed chick magnet. I have two Dachshunds and whenever I see a cute guy with a dog I’m instantly drawn to them because I know they’re committed and they love animals so I will instantly try to schedule another walk in the park.

    • James Buzinko

      That is true. If guy has a dog then you can find out some of his traits just by this fact.

  • matt

    As a guy doing Yoga I can honestly tell you this is where you want to hang out to meet some of the hottest chicks. Most of them seem friendly and willing to engage in conversations. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to see so many beautiful ladies stretching their bodies in some of the most unbelievable positions.

    • James Buzinko

      That is true. It is really pleasurable experience for both eyes as well as body.

  • gareth

    The college campus is the perfect place to meet wild and hot girls. They party hardcore in a lot of nights. You can easily find some girl that is ready to have some fun with a man that can make her laugh and have a good time. I miss the good old day when I was a student and was partying 3-4 night each week!

    • James Buzinko

      That is really great place to pick up chicks that are crazy for fun. And fun often leads to sex!