The 8 Most Expensive Sex Toys That Will Make Her Scream in Pleasure


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REMEMBER: Below Are 8 Most Expensive Sex Toys That Will Make Her Scream in Pleasure! Toy Number 8 Is REALLY Popular! These Tips Helped Over 26,000 Readers! Photos INCLUDED!

It’s kind of sad that buying something of decent quality means having to buy high-end stuff and spending more than you should. But that’s reality. If getting her steamed up and horny means using a vibrator, you need the best stuff your money can buy.

Making love is always somewhat of a mind game for any woman who has at least half a brain or more. Any adult and kinky toy that is going to tease her physically enough to make her scream with true pleasure must first manipulate her conscious psyche.

Toy #1 – Fuji Glass Dildo With Whip ($1,400 / £900)

expensive glass dildo with whip
(Image Source)

The first exclusive sex toy I want to introduce to you is called Fornicouture Fuji glass dildo with whip. This model is very sensual and is handcrafted by a renowned sculptor.

The flogger part of this dildo is inspired by volcanic Mount Fuji and was created using only the finest materials, such as: translucent amber-colored glass & kangaroo hide. The handle features a spray of thick leather fronds for ultimate spanking experience!

Toy #2 – Ostrich Feather Tickler ($2,515)

Ostrich Feather Tickler
(Image Source)

There is nothing better that to blindfold your girl and then start to tease her with something fluffy. She starts to feel that tingling feeling not knowing that her skin is softly touching a luxurious jewel worth $2,515.

This is amazing and exclusive product designed by famous Betony Vernon! You can get it in variety of colors such as: White, Black, Red, Purple, Emerald or Pink Champagne.

Its length is around 26,7 inches and is hand-made in Italy. It is composed from two ostrich feathers and its handle is created from Sterling silver of very high quality.

Toy #3 – Silver & Cherry Wood Spanking Rod ($3,000)

Sterling Silver & Cherry Wood Spanking Rod
(Image Source)

Who does not love to get slapped from time to time? If you feel that being spanked by a hand is rather old-fashioned, then I highly recommend you to look for something really elegant and expensive.

Yes, I am speaking about this exclusive spanking rod that is again invented by Betony Vernon. As you can see on the image above (that I have borrowed from her official website) this one has great anatomically designed handle that is made from Sterling silver.

My opinion: I bet that every women would love to be slapped at her ass with this and she would probably even pardon you if you will be hitting too hard.

Toy #4 – The Tally Ho Chair ($14,000 / £8,400)

Exclusive Tally Ho Chair From Mark Brazier Jones
(Image Source)

This is a special piece of furniture that can make her scream before she even gets into bed. It’s around $14,000 – the chair that is combining beautiful metal construction together with comfortable leather upholster. Each piece is hand crafted by famous furniture designer Mark Brazier Jones.

What is more, his products are great for various positions with different angles. It has even a footstool that is the best place to sit when you are doing oral. Just remember that every woman’s g-spot is in a slightly different location.

Keep in mind: I bet you know what it’s like to miss that spot. Now learn to hit it directly. She’ll be impressed by your efforts to go for new things. Just try this on her and watch her orgasms coming!

Toy #5 – INEZ by Lelo ($15,000)

Gold Plated Vibrator INEZ By Lelo
(Image Source)

Can a gold-plated vibrator be really necessary to make her scream? To be honest, sex is a mind game for all ladies, so she’ll be wet over the idea of a gold stroking her pussy. The Lelo brand offers an exclusive and elegant gem. As already mentioned it is made form 24K gold-plate.

What is more, it even has a special switch that won’t accidentally shut off. Don’t grumble because cheaper vibrators may not have this feature, after all, this brand comes from no other place than Sweden, and no one seems to know more about these types of things than the Swedes do.

Pay attention: The Lelo makes the top ten list for “million-dollar sex toys” even though it can be had for a mere $15,000 or so. It also comes with full-year guarantee and matching .

Toy #6 – The Nell Pleasure Seed Vibrator ($19,363.20 / £12,000)

Nell Pleasure Seed Vibrator
(Image Source)

The sixth luxury sex toy on my list was created by Coco De Mer. As you can see in the image above, the form of this product was inspired by the shape of a coco de mer seed and is encased in 18 carat gold plate.

This very elegant toy has 5 different vibration patterns with possibility to enjoy each on various levels of intensity of stimulation. It is packed in a beautifully crafted wooden box that is lockable and featuring golden detailing!

Toy #7 – The Eternity Dildo ($38,000)

The Exclusive Eternity Dildo From Platinum
(Image Source)

This really exclusive product was created by the famous jeweler Colin Burn. It belongs into his line of really expensive kinky toys called Scarlet Armour.

The Eternity Dildo is composed from:

  • Polished oak handle.
  • Ring completely covered with diamonds.
  • Body made from smooth platinum.

Except this Colin Burn has designed various other exclusive stuff such as whips from oak, silver and human hair, vibrating egg from gold and diamonds and Casanova vibrator, however this one is leading with its enormous price of $38,000.

Toy #8 – Victor Phantasm ($60,000 / £35,500)

Victor Phantasm Box With Vibrator On White Background
(Image Source)

The Victor may make ordinary Lelo dildos seem like rental cars. This $60,000 product is a Rolls Royce for the price of a Mercedes, and it comes with jewelry she can wear along with the smile on her face. It is a two-piece toy. It includes two egg-shaped pleasure sources so that it can go deep and make her feel the curves of each egg one at a time – thicker to thinner to thicker.

The base egg is studded with 27 diamonds. It’s recommended that she (or you if you’re doing it for her) go slow and deep. What is more, the two egg-shaped pieces are removable (they screw onto a center shaft). An elegant ring (including additional 90 diamonds) separates these and of course it can be removed while the eggs stay securely in place.

It is recommended to remove it during use for protection, and she’ll want to wear it anyway. It’s like a personalized toy with a jewel to say she belongs to you, even when she’s pleasing herself with it; either way you will be the victorious one as she screams from climaxes.

Toy #9 – JCobra Cock Ring ($73,000 / £46,200)

The JCobra cock ring
(Image Source)

This beautifully crafted cock ring is ergonomically bent and made out of solid gold. Created in 10 hours by Master Silversmith from the UK – Jelle Plantenga, this model features 8mm White or Black Pearl and weights only 240 grams.

This cock ring is designed so it will massage your perineum area and stimulate your first chakra. This will lead to firm erections & stronger orgasms!

Toy #10 – King Cobra Cock Ring ($192,000 / £123,200)

King Cobra cock ring
(Image Source)

Ninth product on this list is amazing King Cobra cock ring! As stated on its official website, this is “the most exclusive CockRing on the globe”! Individually handcrafted by Master Silversmith in the UK (100 hours of work in general), this product is made completely out of platinum and weights around 515 grams.

The ergonomic design in the shape of a Cobra looks great on any man! Not only that, it stimulates his perineum area that leads to firmer erections and stronger orgasms.

Toy #11 – Pearl Royale ($1,000,000)

The Pearl Royale Most Expensive Vibrator
(Image Source)

Diamond-studded dildos may be just for show, but one that have pearls and sapphires as well are a different story. This little “buddy” has together 1000 precious gems including Sapphires, PearlsWhite & Pink Diamonds. Some of these pearls can be popped out to be worn on a necklace that can be quite tantalizing to each lady that can get her hands on it.

Every chick will be aroused just by the idea that you bought it only for her, and you have bought not only a sex toy but a beautiful jewelry too. If you can’t be with her, remind her she’s got a million-dollar dildo until you get back. This is something irreplaceable!

Toy #12 – Beckham´s Gift ($1,800,000)

The only adult toy pricier than a Bentley that was found after some research is “Beckham’s Gift”. Sadly, there is no image of this one so no one knows how precisely it looks like. However, it should be made of platinum, its base covered by 10K diamonds and connected to diamond necklace (16K).

If this one makes her scream more than any of the others it really has to be because of its rarity and price! There are only ten of them in the world and are the exclusive brain child of David Stringfellow, owner of an upscale London Strip Club.

He made the original as a gift for Victoria Beckham, wife of soccer legend David Beckham, who purchased it for her when she was with child. At $1.8 million each, you might be better off buying a Bentley.

Learn more about this product here…

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  • Sebastion

    I think I’m in love… with that Tally Ho chair. It’s actually usable in several different positions. But I can just imagine propping my girlfriend up there and sitting on the foot stool in front of her. Dude, I could do some serious damage in that thing, LOL!

    For ‘pony play’ though? I didn’t know anything about pony play until I saw it on a National Geographic fetish type of show. I don’t think I could get into it for the pony play reason. (I’m not knocking anyone’s fetish or likes, it’s just not for me.) But for oral purposes and ‘playing doctor,’ I’d be all over the Tally Ho! Too bad I can’t stomach the $14K price tag.

    • James Buzinko

      I share your opinion on the Tally Ho. It looks really practical!

  • Brianna Was Here

    My guy just showed me this page. Now maybe it’s just me, but the gold plated vibrator, as well as the one with the wood handle and the one encrusted with gems look rather cold and uninviting. The one with the diamonds looks like it might even be a bit uncomfortable. However, when I looked online, the maker said that the diamonds were flush to the device. Basically they don’t stick out and poke you or anything.

    I suppose these toys are more like status symbols to show off than something a woman would use on a regular basis. I think even if I could afford the gold plated vibrator, I wouldn’t use it all that often.

    • James Buzinko

      Good observation Brianna, if these gems are flush to the device then it is much safer and hygienic!

  • Aaron

    @James – Even though I have the money, I seriously think my wife would spit fire if I paid $2,500 for an ostrich feather! I mean I get that the end is sterling silver. Fancy, fancy. I get that the two ostrich feathers are hand stitched together, which is all handmade fancy, fancy. But let’s not forget it’s still a feather we’re talking about here. I work in the Garment District in NYC, and I walk past windows all the time with ostrich feathers.

    Now that Tally Ho chair is something I could get behind. Or should I say, in front of. Or even on top of. I could see that being a diversion and getting a lot of after midnight use. Better still, I could see my wife abusing the heck of it. I’d come home from work and she’d be in the chair every night.

    Anyway, this is some good stuff. Out of my range, but it got my imagination going this cold morning.

    • James Buzinko

      As I can see from the comments, although these toys are mostly meant for women, they actually hate the idea of using it. That is quite interesting!

  • XXXavier

    I never knew there was a market for high end sex toys like these, and I’d be really curious to see who’s purchasing them. Okay, we know David Beckham, but who else? Princes? Bad ass bachelor millionaires? I’d like that to be on the cover of People magazine! In any case, I’m pretty sure my lady would be in ecstasy knowing that her pussy was being fed a 24K gold vibrator. She’s already a spoiled princess (yep, thanks to me) but this would send her over the top.

    • James Buzinko

      You have some good points XXXavier 🙂

  • Christopher

    Excuse me Stallion, I’ll take #2, #4 and #6. Just put it on my Amex Black Card, please. pfft, not even. I asked my girlfriend if she’d like a vibrator that had diamonds and jewels all over it. Her response is the reason why I love her, “HELL NO!” These toys are more like a novelty than something you pull out and actually use. Interesting to look at though.

    • James Buzinko

      Great comment Christopher. It is good to know even opinion of real women on this topic.

  • sherry

    I can’t believe sex toys like this are even made. It just seems wasteful when it comes to making devices like this with diamonds or any expensive material. It’s cool I suppose, but I don’t see how anyone would even consider purchasing anything like this. I don’t think I would even if I had the money.

    • James Buzinko

      I love the Tally Ho chair and I believe that when I will have enough money I would buy it.

  • Brent92

    These are actually real sex toys? I can’t believe it. The prices for any of them are crazy. I can maybe see the first couple of them being priced that way, but when it breaks $10,000 or so, that’s when thins are a little crazy. I suppose if I could afford one of these for my wife, I’d get it, but I really doubt most women would even want these.

    • James Buzinko

      Hey Brent92, I am of the same opinion on this. The prices going over 15k are just way beyond any sense.

  • Kendrick

    I thought sex toys in general were expensive, but now I see the stuff rich people buy. I’m sure there’s other type of sex toys out there in these price ranges too. Personally, I think wasting platinum and diamonds on any sex toy is kind of odd. But, if it’s what you like, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be allowed to have a sex toy like that.

    • James Buzinko

      I agree with you that it is a waste of precious metals and jewels.

  • Laura

    If I was rich, I’d so buy some of these. Thing is, I doubt I’d ever actually use them in any sexual way. I would probably save these up as extra income if I ever were to lose money or fall on hard times. But like I said, that’s only if I’m rich. The one I like the most on this list would have to be #3, the Tally Ho chair. I wonder if you could just put this in your living room and I wonder if people would think it has to do with sex. hmm.

    • James Buzinko

      I bet 99% of people would consider it as a really nice designer chair. I bet they would never realize its true purpose!

  • aaron

    These all look really cool, and not in a sexual way. Seriously, If I had the money, I think i’d buy them just to say I bought them. I know that sounds weird and all, but I don’t care. I would totally purchase all of these and just collect them for the hell of it.

    • James Buzinko

      Hey Aaron, that would be a hell of a collection. You could be giving educational tours to hot chicks 😀

  • Sam

    i am thinking you could all pop these in a safe like assets or something, and they’d never get stolen, ever. they’d just be there saving your money and getting your gf off, and be theft immune lol

    • James Buzinko

      You nailed it Sam 😀

  • how about no.

    I think these are toys for people with too much money on their hands. Fuck, why give money to charity, just get a gold plated dildo because that’s a necessity of life right? Who even thinks about making this stuff, seriously?

    • James Buzinko

      I bet this is just a part of a marketing of a certain luxurious brands!

  • Dudebro

    the pearl royale is just asking for trouble, infections, and sapphires stuck into your vagina. whoever designed most of these was probably snorting cracks with his 100-dollar bills.

    • James Buzinko

      Hahahah, good point dude!

  • Janette

    Gold? I get it. Silver? I get it. But studded diamonds? Heck, diamonds are used to cut industrial materials, and you’re gonna shove them in a vagina? Good luck with that.

    Eh, they might not be useful, but at least they’re aesthetically pleasing. You could just buy one of these as a decoration lol

    • James Buzinko

      Hahaha, good point Janette. I bet these are not really used but serve the decoration purpose to their owners.

  • alan

    the tally ho thing is the only one i could EVER consider of buying. the others are just ridiculous pieces of dildo shaped jewelery.

    • James Buzinko

      I totally agree with you Alan. That chair seems the only reasonable stuff to buy from this list. I would add maybe that spanker as well.