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Do you want to achieve penis growth within just a few minutes? If your answer is yes, you came to the right place as with Penomet pump you will achieve growth (temporary) almost instantly!

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If you use it regularly within a particular penis enlargement regime, your gains may become permanent over a longer period.

Real men know they have to work at it a bit as even muscles get larger only with hard work and exercise!

Review summary

One of best options on the market

You can not go wrong with the Penomet water pump. It is definitely a better option for beginners, but even advanced users of penis pumps will love it.

When compared to BathMate, both these brands offer high-quality products that come with individual advantages. Surprisingly, no one really wins the race as both products are very similar.

THE SECRET EXPOSED – Success of Penomet

main penomet parts

An ordinary penis pump is just a small vacuum device with a tube that stretches anything that is placed inside. In general, most models only use a pressure of a pure vacuum to enlarge your size.

However, this results in an uneven distribution of the pull effect over your phallus leading to the irregular lengthening and widening.

Luckily, the Penomet model is working on a hydro-based system, where water distributes the suction power evenly for the most impressive growth. All you have to do is to use it for 20 minutes a day to see the best results.

The success of this pump lies in its various gaiters. These should be switched out progressively as you continue to use the device and become larger!

7 Simple Steps to Put Penomet Together & Use It in Just a Few Seconds

Using Penomet for penis enlargement is rather safe because it doesn’t require any dangerous drugs that could damage your health. Below are few steps you should follow once you are ready to start:

  1. Choose your gaiter. Remember that it should reflect your level of experience as much as your length and girth!
  2. Attach it to the main cylinder and fill it with water.
  3. Insert your penis inside.
  4. Pump few times to build up a pressure and create a good vacuum seal.
  5. Let it stand for 2 to 3 minutes.
  6. Release the seal using a valve at the end of the cylinder.
  7. Repeat this process for about 20 minutes.

Pay attention: Always choose beginner´s gaiter to start with (each color represents different size and suction force).

You should always follow official product instructions to avoid any damage to your health!

Guide for Gaiter Colors

penomet gaiters

There are five different gaiters for you to choose from. They have different colors and here is a little guide about each one:

  • Purple (Force 60) – The first beginners’ gaiter – Force 60 – has a purple color. It offers the lowest strength that is ideal for absolute beginners in pumping. If you would start with stronger suction power, you could experience a water retention, blisters, physical pain and more.
  • Blue (Force 65) – The blue color is reserved for a Force 65 gaiter. It is the second step after using the beginner purple gaiter. It is not very strong but offers a more intense suction power than Force 60.
  • Black (Force 70) – The dark black color is reserved for a Force 70 (the middle strength) gaiter. It is available in both Standard and Extra packages. It is one of the most frequently used Penomet gaiters by both beginners and more advanced users.
  • Gray (Force 75) – The gray color is reserved for a Force 75 gaiter. It is the second strongest gaiter that is only available in the premium package. This one is great for more experienced users who are serious about gaining girth.
  • Red (Force 80) – The red color is reserved for a Force 80 gaiter. It is the strongest one and is available in the premium package. Although it is a little bit harder to push down (because of its thickness) it creates a very strong suction (therefore use it only after you have worked your way up).

Always begin with the purple gaiter and gradually (as your penile tissue will get used to tension) switch to other more powerful colors.

3 Exclusive Options You Can Choose

Not only you can choose three different packages, but four different cylinder colors (orange, violet, green, and pink):

  1. Penomet Standard (Discounted price $127.00 / €97.00) – This is the least expensive package that includes: Enlargement pump; Force 70 gaiter; and silver support!
  2. Penomet Extra (Discounted price $197.00 / €157.00) – The middle option includes: Enlargement pump; Force 65, 70, and 75 gaiters; and gold support!
  3. Penomet Premium (Discounted price $297.00 / €227.00) – The last package includes: Enlargement pump; Force 60, 65, 70, 75, and Extreme Force 80 gaiter for special workouts; comfort strap (for use in the shower); and lifetime platinum support.

Pay attention: Each package comes with discreet shipping and billing, 60-day money back guarantee, lifetime gaiter replacement, and 3-years warranty.

User Reviews of This Device

Please keep in mind that these shared experiences are collected from around the web, and hence I cannot ensure their validity!
Cool Video with Before & After Images (0:11 Minutes)
User Arkailija from
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User SmoothP089 from
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User Jul from
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Usually, men continue to report gains in length, width, and satisfaction without taking any pills that can jeopardize your health. They often provide this feedback:

  • Johnny B.” (US resident) – He claims he experienced true growth and that his libido is no longer something he isn’t proud of.
  • Charles E.” (UK resident) – He said: “I have been using it for 3 months now, and I have already added half an inch in permanent gains! I had tried all the pills and stretching equipment I could find online, and nothing [else] seemed to work,” he adds.

Pay attention: The water prevents pressure from leaking and stops excess air from building up – a problem that guys say makes them avoid other pumps.


  • Gaiters of several sizes and suction powers to choose from
  • Reputable brand that is well established on the market
  • Made out of high quality materials
  • Unique option to upgrade your basic order to premium by paying the difference
  • Product is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Reasonably priced with just $127.00 for basic package


  • Less effective for men suffering from Micropenis syndrome (rather use penis extenders)
  • Maximal size limit is 8″ / 20.32cm (if you are bigger choose Bathmate models where fit sizes up to 13.8″ / 35.05cm)
  • Achieved results are individual and will vary from one man to another

This product has won even VENUS (best new product 2013) and SIGN (best male enhancement device 2013) awards!

Awards Given To Penomet Product

Final Verdict: Quality Product That Works Well

Penomet final offer

To sum up, you can not go wrong with the Penomet water pump. It is definitely a better option for beginners, but even advanced users of penis pumps will love it!

When compared to BathMate, both these brands offer high-quality products that come with individual advantages. Surprisingly, no one really wins the race as both products are very similar.

My advice – you always should make your order from official product website as they offer a high-quality product, lifetime warranty, and 60-day money back guarantee!

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: I have Peyronies disease. Can I still use this pump? Will it help me?

Guys, if you have Peyronies, the hydro-based pump is of great help. However, you can only use Penomet if your curvature is less than 20 degrees.

If your curvature is bigger than this, this device will not be effective nor safe for you.

FAQ #2: How long should I use this pump?

Especially if you are a beginner to the penis enlargement, there are few safety rules you should consider when building your exercise routine:

  • Your pumping session should be at a maximum of 15-20 minutes
  • You should use it five days a week with two rest days

Once you get more experienced with pumping, you can increase the length and number of your sessions. However, you will be doing this at your own risk.

FAQ #3: What lubricants are safe to use with the gaiters?

Guys, you can not use each and every lube on Penomet gaiters as they are made out of silicone. Therefore you can only use water-based ones.

Just stay away from any lube that is silicone based as it will damage the surface and a shape of your gaiter over time.

FAQ #4: How about a warranty? How long does it last?

Guys, with regards to warranty, there are several rules you need to take into consideration:

  • Your pump is protected by a 3-year warranty
  • Gaiters benefit from lifetime gaiter replacement warranty (void if non-water based lube or cleaning solution is used)

Pay attention: Your Penomet pump is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee so you can return your product if you are not satisfied.

FAQ #5: Can I use Penomet when I have a lot of pelvic fat? Will my “outer penis” become thicker than my “inner penis”?

Well, this issue seems to occur with any other male enhancement pump. Luckily, once you drop that abdominal fat, you can fix this girth imbalance.

The gradual evening out is possible thanks to the fact that everyone has an upper limit for growth in girth.

FAQ #6: Is the cleaning process complicated?

Surprisingly, the cleaning of your pump is very easy. The tube is dishwasher safe and is durable enough to withstand rough handling.

All you have to do is to use the gun shine oil every two to three uses to keep your gaiters flexible and clean.

FAQ #7: Is this product shipped discretely? Will anyone know what is in my package?

Cool Video on Privacy Tips for Penomet (0:32 Minutes)

Yes, if you purchase from official product website your order will arrive in a discreet plain brown box with a minimal labeling.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about anyone knowing what is in your package.

FAQ #8: Do I have to shave off my pubic hair to use Penomet?

If you ask me, no, you do not have to shave all your pubic hair to use this device. However, you will have a hard time creating a strong vacuum seal with your gaiter against your skin.

Therefore, it is best if you trim down your pubes a little bit at least . However, I recommend you shaving all your pubes down as it will make your penis look bigger instantly!

If you wish to read more about various tips that will help you increase your size, consult this piece of content here: 16+ Quick Ways to Make Your Penis Bigger Right Now! and also this one here: 8 Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises You Have to Try Right NOW!


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  • Pamela S

    Things weren’t doing so well with my relationship and I just didn’t know what to think. We tried long-term therapy (we have been dating for over four years as of August 2013) and even trial separation but nothing seemed to bring us closer.

    One day my friend mentioned the wild night she had with her significant other and suddenly it clicked, the sex I enjoyed previously in the relationship was no longer present and it was impacting everything! I had put on a little weight over the years and his health has been in decline as well.

    After doing a little research, together we decided that a water pump was going to be the best option to try and fix things and all I can say is it has worked wonders. Between the Penomet water pump and my diet plan 2014 is shaping up to be our best year of love yet 🙂

    • James Buzinko

      That is really great to hear Pamela! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Paul Sandrine

    This thing works great, but be absolutely certain that you have a solid vacuum seal when you are using it. A couple times I thought things were going great but then the pump slipped and it was difficult to get an erection for the following ten minutes because of the anxiety. Other than user error I have no complaints though!

    • James Buzinko

      That is true Paul. Without proper seal you will lose most of the effects.

  • Justin

    Years of drug abuse to treat erectile issues have wreaked havoc on my body, I am glad that you put a disclaimer in your article to the younger guys: do not make the same mistake as me! Natural remedies like water pumps are always a better decision in the long term, pills and drugs will just hurt your body unless used sporadically.
    I bought this pump from a local shop a few months back when my doctor told me my heart can’t take any more meds and I was thrilled that the results were not only better than the pills he had been giving me, but I also save money now not having to buy the darn things every month as well.

    • James Buzinko

      I totally agree with you Justin and I am trying my best to make this obvious for any man who visits my website.

  • Tim Keiser

    One of your testimonials claimed that this product helped his libido – do you have anything to say about that? Length and girth are not issues for me, but getting in the mood is sometimes difficult if I am stressed out about work and things to that effect. If this product can help me make my wife feel wanted on demand, in short: I am in.

    • James Buzinko

      Well Tim, it improves blood flow in your penis and hence it should make your erections more available and effective.

  • Alan

    James, your site always offers valuable information on topics pertaining to my interests. You have very in depth reviews on many products and I really appreciate the time and research you put in to make sure you get all of the facts straight.

    I have placed an order for the water pump and was pleased with the entire checkout process, the manufacturer has a very easy to use website with no-frills unlike most of the sites that sell these products always trying to hit you with upsells and cross-sells and all that.

    • James Buzinko

      Thank you Alan. It is always great to know that my work and website helps somebody.

  • James

    I’ve heard of these water pumps before, this is something that has interested me for some time now. It’s some sort of workout device for your penis correct? Sounds promising. I normally don’t purchase these type of devices, but I’ve just started college and I figure get this bad boy to grow a bit more and see where I can go with it. 🙂

    • James Buzinko

      No James, it does not replace penile workouts. It just forces more blood into it than you normally would by natural processes. in fact it could be resembled to effects of jelqing.

  • Brent

    I have a fairly decent sized cock, yet my girth overall isn’t that impressive. I’d love to be able to widen my penis a bit more and I really hope this water pump device is something that can benefit me in that regard. It sounds really cool, but I’m concerned about the price, maybe I’ll save up. I tried other pumps as well, but nothing worked for me, and so I decided to search the net for anything I can find to increase my size in any way possible.

    • James Buzinko

      Hey Brent. Do not worry as this brand offers really great money back guarantee that will make your investment secure!

  • davey boy

    Hey guys, this site has been awesome. I’ve learned many new techniques and learned of new devices to make me a better lover in the bedroom. Anyways, I’ve tried some pumps already, but nothing really has worked for me, so I’m looking to get this water penis pump. It sounds very appealing and I just have a feeling it’ll be a lot better with water instead of just air.

    Anyways, I’m going to pick one up soon and see where it takes me, thanks again for sharing and have an awesome day bro.

    • James Buzinko

      Thank you davey. I hope you will find more awesome stuff added here in further articles. I hope you are subscribed to my email newsletter in order to receive notification of new posts and articles.

  • Trent420

    I ordered this penis pump about a month back, and so far I am really happy with it. My girlfriend seems to be enjoying my sexual prowess as of late. Usually our sex is minimal to okay, but lately I’ve noticed I’ve lasted a lot longer in bed and she seems to notice too, so I’m going to stick with this until I break the thing. lol

    • James Buzinko

      Hey Trent this is great to know that this device is boosting even your stamina!

  • vincent89

    I tried this penis pump a few weeks ago, felt extremely weird so I tossed it. I then purchased the penomet water pump last Friday I think it was and I’ve been happy ever since. I wouldn’t say there’s any results just yet, but so far it’s by far the most comfortable pump I’ve ever used. I don’t know why they didn’t think of including water before. Hopefully I see some results soon.

    • James Buzinko

      That is really awesome to know. Well those pumps that are based only on pure air caused vaccum are more dangerous as those based on water principles.

  • albahja

    i found that some video are down just check this site out :

  • duke lan

    I always felt weirded out by air pumps…I mean it’s basically trying to vacuum my penis into getting bigger, manually. Water seems to have a much more gentle approach though, so I think I;ll try the first size to see how it works. I mean, the least I get is a hydro dick massage, so what could go wrong?

    • James Buzinko

      Well, as long as you “play by the rules” you should be safe.

  • joey b

    No pump ever worked for me, so I’m giving it a last shot by buying this one…I’ve tried so much to make my penis larger that this obsession is starting to cripple me…I’m sick of having a small penis!!! I hope penomet will help me get at least a decent girth,..else i quit.

    • James Buzinko

      Well, you need to combine water pumping with stretching and workouts. Only this complex approach will provide you with permanent growth.

  • linda

    I’m sick of seeing penis pumps everywhere…guys, when will you understand that us women don’t care so much about your dick! If we love you, we’re going to let you fuck us regardless of size. Stop being so insecure and spending money on useless crap!

    • James Buzinko

      Linda you have said it out loud. If women love you then they do not care about your size as long as you are able to sexually satisfy them. If not, then from the long term perspective big issue arises. And that is why I have decided to create this website in order to provide you with actual help.

  • mbacker

    The money back guarantee thing is really appealing, but I’m wondering if they’ll drop off the face of the earth if I did ask them for my money back…idk. I’m going to try it anyway, since I want to make it thicker, and air pumps usually promise just length. Thanks, bro

    • James Buzinko

      You are welcome. How was your experience with it? Are you happy with your purchase?

  • lukesh

    odd that nobody besides penomet thought of making water pumps instead of air pumps. I like how they’re not a one size fits all, ensuring some results for everyone.
    What are the Venus and Sign awards? Never heard of those

    • James Buzinko

      Actually, lukesh you are wrong. Water based penis pumps are made even by a company called bathmate. These are awards for a great product from popular magazines.

  • Jandale

    First time user here. When i pour the water to my penomet it leaks. Is it normal? Please help

  • Jandale

    First time user here. When i pour the water to my penomet it leaks. Is it normal? Please help