Learn How to Kiss Like a Pro With 10 Simple Tips


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Think about it… you find yourself cooped up with your special someone, and then you find yourself about to lean in for a kiss. And, just like anyone else who’s new or confused about that particular scenario, you probably ask yourself, ‘just how should I do this?!

Like many other people, you’re not alone. Even though it happens out of habit, quite a few people get lost or even outright intimidated by kissing their girl/boyfriend.

Just put these 10 simple tips into practice if you want to be a pro!

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Tip #1 – Maintain Oral Hygiene & Avoid Bad Breath!

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Maintaining your oral health is probably one of the most crucial things you can do. Doubly so if you plan on making use of your lips and tongue regularly!

That’s why it’s always important to make sure you, well, brush your teeth twice a day – or after a meal – to maintain your mouth fresh and clean.

Keep in mind: You should also make your breath fresh, too. Chewing some gum, mints or even using spray helps keep the mouth fresh even after you’ve brushed a while ago.

Tip #2 – Have Well Hydrated Lips

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It’s uncomfortable to kiss others with dry lips, so you should at least make sure they stay well hydrated before you lean in. Now, there’s nothing wrong with licking them both before kissing, though that’s just a temporary fix for the bigger picture here.

However, if you want to have them moist and soft, you should think about using moisturizers such as lip balms, glosses or drinking lot of liquids. All these can keep them hydrated!

Just a tip: Drinking water regularly can help to make your skin well hydrated — and that affects your lips, too!

Tip #3 – Give Signals That You Want to Kiss Her & See How She Responds

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Before you start kissing her, let her know. Though, letting a girl know about something that intimate takes a bit of an effort. It’s better to ease them into things, rather than force—you’ll just turn her off altogether.

You can start by dropping hints that you want to approach her, usually through:

  • Keeping your lips slightly parted (making them look more appealing).
  • Giving her gentle eye contact.
  • Glancing right at her lips.

Please note: Even though you might not think so, she’s looking for it — so, don’t be afraid to invite her into a kiss.

Tip #4 – Either Close or Lower Your Eyes

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While it might look comfortable, having your eyes open can get quite awkward really fast. So, it’s best to keep them closed or, at least, partially open when you’re kissing your lover.

Not only does it make the whole process feel much more comfortable, but it helps make the mood that much more tantalizing. If you are a bit nervous about, well, a blocked view, why not use your hands and arms to draw your special someone closer? They’ll probably want it, too.

Tip #5 – Breathe Deeply

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Yes — don’t forget to breathe! And, when you do so, just take a deep one before you kiss. Then you should be able to start inhaling through your nose while playing with her lips.

Since you’re going to have your mouth on hers, getting enough air through your nose is pretty important… as you don’t want to pass out! So, inhaling deeply helps keep you and your special someone from well, running out of breath!

Tip #6 – Be Dominant But Gentle

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Lead the way, as they say. Though, do not force it. If you do this too much, you can potentially make her too uncomfortable… and that just kills the mood, doesn’t it?

Take the lead, ease her into a kiss, but don’t overdo it. You can always draw her into an embrace, a gentle one, and probably do other things to make her feel comfortable by giving her strong, yet sensuous eye contact; stroking her face or even running your hands through her hair!

Tip #7 – Less Tongue Is Always Better Than Too Much!

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One of the most notable ‘characteristic’ of a passionate or French kiss is the gentle easing of your tongue into the act itself. And, seeing that hallmark makes a lot of newbies want to go for that the first time they do this act though they shouldn’t.

Sometimes, and that accounts for most of the time, adding in tongue is best left at a minimum. Yes, with French kissing, less is more. Gently ease it into play and see how she responds.

Please note: Don’t add too much too soon — this is a mutual affair, and you do not want to escalate it if she doesn’t want to!

Tip #8 – Use Sucking, Biting & Licking of Her Lips as Well as Tongue

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You don’t just have to kiss — put some more effort into it! And by an effort we mean that you shouldn’t be afraid to mix it up a little.

When you’re in the act itself, try gently sucking her lips, usually the bottom one. You can even carefully nibble on her bottom lip to change it up, especially if it makes her respond favorably.

Tip #9 – Do Not Forget to Tease Her!

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Teasing goes a long way just before the act. So, don’t just keep it in one place! Wrap your hands and arms around her body, wherever she feels most comfortable.

Talk to her in between and never break your eye contact when you reach there. You can even try mixing it up with how you kiss, perhaps pulling away and meeting her again to play around a little.

Tip #10 – Touch Her Cheek & Nape of Her Neck to Add Extra Sensations

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Adding extra sensations goes a long way in this act. So, don’t be afraid to touch her! As we mentioned, get her close to your body wherever’s most comfortable.

You can even rest your hands gently upon the nape of her neck, working up to massage her scalp and back again when you’re kissing her. Not only that, you should try touching her cheek too — it just feels comforting and she’ll really like it!

Hey folks! My pen name is James Buzinko (a.k.a. Stallion) and I want to make this THE GREATEST place for every guy to master the arts of love, dating and attraction! I am young, free and my motto is "Carpe Diem".
  • Anthony

    Hey man thanks for this list! I am in 10th grade and I want to kiss my girlfriend but I am nervous I might mess up the moment. I tried to ask my older sister for tips but she just laughed.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      You are welcome Anthony. I hope you will be a pro after some experience.

  • Bella

    Wow this is great list! Even though I have been married for over 7 years. I find that some of the tips that you have listed can be used forever! For example you should aim to have fresh breath all the time! You just never know when your honey wants a kiss. Another great tip is to always have soft, hydrated lips. I suggest using an organic Shea Butter chapstick on the regular. Great tips!

    • Lenny

      Chapstick is key, especially for those of us that live in colder climates. I probably go through 3 or so a month, though that’s probably because my girlfriend keeps stealing them.

      • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

        Sure, girlfriends are little thieves of this stuff.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Thank you Bella. It is really important to have hydrated lips.

  • Linda

    Kissing is just an intimate thing. I think its very special and important in a relationship.I am glad that you have listed all these great tips. Can’t stand when a guy has stinky breath or when a guy is too forward. Let it happen naturally.

    • Seth

      I think it’s also a really personal thing. No two people like it just the same way, so be sure that you’re giving clues as to what you like and reading hers as well. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be perfect for each other.

      • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

        This is really important point you need to always keep in mind.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure. It is really important to make it all natural.

  • Glow

    I once dated a guy that was super hot, great body and built like a greek statue. He had a deep voice and he sent shivers down my spine. We went on several dates, before i knew I was ready to kiss him.When the moment came I had popped like 5 breath mints, lips were soft and I had a tad bit of lip gloss on. It was such a disappointment, he was such a sloppy kisser! he frenched my top lip and slobbered like crazy! what a disappointment!

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Well, maybe instead of being critical you may show him and teach him what you love.

  • Rebecca

    Nowadays people kiss everyone! I am 30 years old and I have only kissed 2 guys. I have dated a few more but I don’t think that everyone is “kissing material”. Its an intimate thing! Anyways these are great tips, Stallion:)

    • Amanda

      Speaking of, have you seen that video online where a bunch of random strangers kiss each other? It’s a good video, but I know that I’d never kiss someone like that without ever meeting them. Who knows what you’d catch from that, at least a cold I’m guessing!

      • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

        Yes I have and it was pretty weird when I imagined I should do that…

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Thank you Rebecca. I believe that although it is really intimate, there are many people around that kiss with almost anybody.

  • Cosmin p

    you did well to put number 1 on the first spot haha..honestly, with bad breath you won’t even get kissed, let alone get to practice whatever’s in the list. it’s such an off putting thing in all aspects of life, not only romantic.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      That is true. It kills your social life completely.

  • Christina

    great list, man! number 8 definitely got me the reputation of a good kisser amongst all of the men i had ever kissed…most people just mush their lips together or swirl the tongue around like a windmill…be sensual, people!!!

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure, that is the ultimate advice you should keep in mind when kissing.

  • Mia

    UGh yes, less tongue is better! My first boyriend tried to eat my face and shoved his tongue down my throat and it was really unpleasant, put me off kissing for a while :/ imagine seeing all those nice kisses in the movies, and then getting the tongue monster. not nice!

    • Chelsea

      Eew, no one likes that. If you’re trying to lick my tonsils, then you’re doing it wrong! Do use your tongue though, just don’t try to stuff my face with it.

      • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

        That is soo true! Avoid doing this at all costs.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure, it is really such a turn off …

  • lilly

    Number 10 is a really nice tip, we girls looove soft caresses while getting kissed. It feels so nice and tender, even if you’re going to town with your mouth ahaha

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      I bet all chicks love this!

  • Luke

    i got creeped out by a chick who didn’t close her eyes while kissing, once. it felt oddly vulnerable, as if she was starting into my very soul while i was concentrating on kissing her. gives me the creeps to this day. so yeah, close your eyes guys and gals, it’s freaky!

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure. This is really odd. Why to check out the other one while kissing when you can concentrate on the whole experience.

  • Jonas

    Good points, and some that I really hadn’t thought of (though it always pays to review what you already know). I’ll definitely be adding extra sensations. sometimes that’s a little more serious than I’d like to get, but it can definitely help move a makeup session into more if the time is right.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure, any additional sensation you can provide will make the whole situation much better.

  • Samantha16

    Bad breath is one of the biggest turn offs for me! If I kiss someone that has eaten garlic I immediately feel like I am going to puke! I always try to do my best to not have a bad breath whenever I am going out on a date. Actually I hate having a bad breath at any given time.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure, everyone should maintain proper mouth hygiene in order of avoiding smelly breath.

  • Diana

    I never leave home without my trusty lip balm! And when it comes to drinking a lot of water I usually drink over 2 liters each day so I’m pretty well hydrated. Sometimes I use glosses but I’m mostly lip balm girl. I’ve noticed that most guys avoid kissing me when I have gloss on because it tends to transfer.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure it transfer and it is not very comfortable. However I have no problems with lip balm.Actually I love it.

  • John1

    Being dominant doesn’t mean that you have to force your kiss. I used to do that when I was younger and didn’t know much about kissing a woman. I was probably the worse kisser in the world, but now I think I’ve improved a lot. At least that’s what the women I date now keep saying 😉

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      I bet every guy did the same mistakes while having his first kisses.

  • inthezone

    I always have doubts about a kiss when someone doesn’t close their eyes. I tend to close them myself because this is a special moment that bonds two people. If the other person does not reciprocate then I feel a little down and doubtful of their love. It might sound weird but I feel loved when my partner closes his eyes.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      That is not weird at all. In that way they express that all their are focusing on is the kiss and emotions that they are experiencing.

  • lordofkisses

    Teasing is one of the most important things you can do to become a better kisser. I consider myself to be a damn good kisser and I always try to tease my girlfriends before actually planting one on them. I like looking in her eyes, gently touching her face (some don’t like this so beware) or her neck. I found that this works most of the times and it creates a special
    moment for a kiss.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Thanks for these tips. I bet they want the kiss long before you give it to them.