America’s Top 13 Sex Shops That Rock


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REMEMBER: Below Are America’s Top 13 Sex Shops That Rock! Shop Number 5 is Really AWESOME! These Tips Helped Over 65,000 Readers! Photos, Discounts, and Tricks INCLUDED!

Hey, are you looking for some kinky toys for your lovemaking but still do not know where to get them? Well, look no further as I am going to analyze 13+ of the best online sex shops (some have brick & mortar stores as well) where you will find everything you desire!

All of these are professional and well-established brands that have already built some reputation so you do not have to be worried about being ripped off your money.

So let´s dive, without any further delays, into individual brands, their assortments as well as price levels, and special deals. These are not listed in any special order from best to worst or vice versa.

Shop #1 – Adam & Eve

Adam Eve official website
Click on the image to visit official website.


  • Sale Section – There is an amazing selection of products on sale with discounts up to 50-60%.
  • Many Choices – Thanks to the wide range of products offered you can get items whose price range from few bucks up to couple hundreds.
  • Bussiness Leader – The Adam & Eve company is considered the business leader that has branched out into almost all aspects of sex-related products.
  • Discreet Shipping – Their website is a great place to shop for those that like to keep their purchases discreet.
  • Comfortable Outlets – This company has many outlets that make you feel really comfortable shopping in them.


  • Technical issues – I have noticed that their website is having from time to time some technical issues and is unavailable for international customers.

Adam and Eve is one of the top-selling stores both in online as well as brick and mortar sales. The company still maintains its headquarters in North Carolina. However, there are several branches across whole America (in 18 states).


This leading company provides one of the widest selection of toys and other adult stuff, including:

  1. Adult Movies & How-To Videos
  2. Sexy Lingerie & Costumes
  3. Various Categories of Vibrators
  4. Different Types of Dildos
  5. Toys for Him (Cock Rings, Pumps, Anal Toys & Masturbators)
  6. Toys for Her (Ben-Wa Balls, Nipple Toys, Bondage & Anal Sex)
  7. Items for Couples (Kits, Extras, Swings, Sex Furniture & Strap-Ons)
  8. Various Types of Lube, Oils & Lotions

Pay attention: I have written a more detailed review of Adam & Eve company that includes some of the best coupon codes and discounts you should see.

Click Here to Check Out This Store

Shop #2 – Priscilla McCall´s

The Online Sex Shop Priscilla McCall´s

This is a well-known and popular brand in the south-east. It is a family owned business that was established in 1991 with first branch launched in 1994. Priscilla McCall´s is one of the industry leaders and it offers a wide range of stuff and their prices are more affordable.

  • Products – Sexy clothes (kinky lingerie, costumes, hosiery, thigh highs & stockings – even plus size), lubes, male toys, vibrators, stuff for BDSM, bondage & fetish.
  • Locations – It is head quartered in Greensboro NC with 26 outlets in total. These are located in: North Carolina (15), South Carolina (2), Virginia (4) and Texas (5).
  • Available at – You can also order online at the official website available through the link under the image on the right.
  • Store designs – What is more, its boutiques are well-lit and the inventory is presented in a fun atmosphere!

This brand is one of the most popular in the south-east and it really was quite ground breaking when they opened their doors in Fayetteville NC.

This conservative city had never seen something quite like Priscilla’s in the town (known for its military and strip clubs) before. It has brought pleasure industry out into the open.

Although it was first met with strong opposition from the administration and the local military base, it quickly became apparent that people wanted it in their town and after the very first year they rang up sales that totaled over $1 million!

Click Here to Check Out This Store

Shop #3 – The Pleasure Chest

The Best Eshop Pleasure ChestFounded in 1971 in NYC, this is a high-end boutique shop that simply is luxurious. They offer all the wares you would expect to find in an XXX store but they are probably one of the most expensive in the industry.

  • Assortment – Well, this business has many categories of products (17 – each one divided into several subcategories as well) including basic stuff (such as vibrators, dildos & lubes) as well as stuff for BDSM, bachelorette & sexual enhancers.
  • Located in – New York City (2), Illinois (1) & California (1)
  • Website – They have an online venue at the link under the image. It is well laid out and has a good representation of provided assortment.

Extra features:

  • How to section – This includes very informative and educational articles (16) full of various sex improving techniques as well as videos (55) on how to safely use products available on their e-shop to your maximum satisfaction.

The Pleasure Chest does not look like any ordinary XXX place. It rather feels and looks more like Saks Fifth Avenue. They offer a full inventory of kinky devices. Within the boutiques that are located in NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles the presentation is sophisticated and the prices match high level of sophistication.

My Verdict: Definitely worth your visit!

Click Here to Check Out This Store

Shop #4 – Vegas Adult Super Store

image of Vegas Adult SuperstoreThis brand has three Las Vegas locations. What is more, it is like the Walmart of XXX businesses. This warehouse type shop has inventory that is simply mind-blowing.

  • Assortment – Any toy, movie, book or device that you can imagine is available in these. You can find everything from the simplest to the most exotic including DVD rentals, an kinky arcade and twin screen theater!
  • Headquartered in – It is seated in Las Vegas, Nevada (5 Branches) and has one of these in city of Pahrump.
  • Official e-Shop – This brand is accessible even through link under the image on the right.

Like with all super stores you can expect to find great deals. Those provided online are not as good as they are in the actual outlet but they are still abundant.

My verdict: This is awesome place to stop by for all the kinky stuff you could ever want to have.

Shop #5 – The Adult Supermarket

Website Of The Adult SupermarketThis is a popular brand in Miami because, oddly enough, there are not many of those who would cater to this sector.

  • Assortment – Its website offers the same items that are available in its stores. What is more, it is user-friendly and has a full range of products from lingerie to movies and books.
  • State of origin – The Adult Supermarket is located in Miami and has three locations.
  • Website – You can order discreetly at their page through the link under the image. Although their webpage is easy to use it is still lacking in some areas.

Pricing: The costs of offered items is hard to determine (to get info on the actual product and its price, you have to click on it). What is more, their prices seemed to me higher than industry standards.

Shop #6 – Fascinations Super Store

screenshot of fun loveThis chain provides everything that you could desire to enhance your love life. Its outlets are well-lit and comfortable to shop in. It is one of the few XXX stores in Arizona.

  • Assortment – Their online version offers plenty of stuff, from stuff like condoms & erotic lingerie, through books & DVDs up to sex toys for both genders as well as kinky stuff for BDSM.
  • Place of origin – This one is located in Arizona and has 10 locations! They also have 6 in Colorado.
  • Official site – Their website is called It is easy to use and the products are well laid out which makes your purchase much easier!

Extra feature:

  • Educational classes – What is more, this brand desires to help people enjoy a healthy and happy lovemaking. Therefore, they provide classes and information on how to enhance your sex life regularly.

My verdict: This is a great place that is very popular because it strives to make you feel welcome and comfortable while shopping. There are regular sales and discounts available online and it provides videos and “need to know” articles as well!

Click Here to Check Out This Store

Shop #7 – Secrets

image of Secrets sex shop

This business has been hailed as one of the best in Colorado and interestingly, it has been recognized (even nationally) for having the largest XXX DVD collection in the US. However, it is not a chain type as it is more private.

  • Assortment – They have wide variety of dildos, vibrators as well as adult movies.
  • Location – Secrets is located in Denver, Colorado.
  • Free Shipping – What is more, their website offers cost-less delivery on all orders over $99.00. It has a special sale section to promote toys, DVD’s and other discounted items as well.

You can sign up for their newsletter online which will alert you to their best bargains and events.

Shop #8 – Liberator

Screenshot Of The liberator WebsiteThe Liberator site is very customer friendly. Their products are broken into categories that are easy to find and you can get free shipping as well!

  • Assortment – Plenty of sex toys, erotic arts, oils, booksDVDs etc.
  • State of origin – This brand is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with boutique locations all over the states (7).
  • Privacy – Visiting is a great way to browse in private.

My verdict: This page is tastefully done and uses both categories and price ranges to help you find what you want. What is more, their prices seem to be on par with industry standards.

Click Here to Check Out This Store

Shop #9 – Eden Fantasys

Eden Fantasys christmas websiteEden Fantasys is an online retailer that sells various gadgets and has tons of other sexy merchandise to choose from. I would like to emphasize, that the site is simple to navigate.

  • Its Assortment – It has huge variety of toys for him & her, lubes, guides & stuff for fetish.
  • Online Version – On their e-shop you will find a full range of devices and aids at minimal costs! Just see the link on the right!

What is more, there are a few other advantages to it that are worth mentioning:

  • Free Delivery – You get free shipping with purchases over $99 as well as a gift with every order.
  • Sales – Additionally, there are also quite a few discounted items that are available as well.

Summary: This is kind of no-frills site. The products are shown as thumbnails and their descriptions are pretty simplified. This may help to keep their prices low because they are lower than industry standards!

Click Here to Check Out This Store

Shop #10 – My Pleasure

Great Eshop Called My Pleasure

Compared to other places that are in the same business this one falls a bit short. The pricing was not really a saving grace either as it was just average.

  • Assortment – This brand is slightly disappointing because the inventory is very limited. Each category had maybe 4 or five items for sale on the internet.
  • Official website – Its online version is available at link under the image on the right.

My verdict: I really hated that there was not enough selection!

Click Here to Check Out This Store

Shop #11 – She Bop The Shop

Image Of She Bob The Shop Page

This one bills itself as a female friendly website. It caters to women which is a nice touch.

  • Assortment – It offers wide variety of dildos, vibrators, books, lubricants, BDSM stuff, kegel exercisers and many more.
  • Location in USA – This brand has one store located at Portland, Oregon.
  • e-Shop usability – This place is easy to navigate and the inventory is plentiful. You do have to click on the picture to pull up information about the item which is not such a big deal but it would be easier if all the information was simply listed next to each individual item.

My verdict: Their prices are standard for this industry. You have to count with the fact that there are not many “deals” online and shipping is not for free.

Click Here to Check Out This Store

Shop #12 – Babe Land

BabeLand E-Shop For Kinky & Adult Stuff

Their homepage is very user-friendly, they offer variety of products and the pricing is right. This brand also has brick and mortar stores that you can visit personally.

  • Assortment – Babe Land has a full range of toys, lingerie as well as kinky gifts!
  • Locations – Babe Land also has outlets located in New York City and Los Angeles.
  • Online sales – There are discounts that are available on the site although the costs are a bit steep on some of their items.

Extra features:

  • Community – What is more, their internet business provides a community section where you can take classes and discuss matters with other members.
  • Live chat – It also has a live chat feature so you can connect with customer service online which is a nice feature.

My verdict: The actual shops are upper scale ones and feel more like intimate erotic boutiques than those big warehouses that typically offer tons of toys.

Click Here to Check Out This Store

Shop #13 – Store for Lovers

The Store For lovers Homepage

The Store For Lovers is a unisex place that is geared toward the couples market. The ambiance of its outlets throughout Ohio as well as of its website is very nice.

  • Assortment – You will be able to find tons of toys, lingerie, stuff for bondage, books as well as DVDs.
  • Locations – The actual brick and mortar shops (8) are located within Ohio.
  • Available at – Their page is easy to use and carries the majority of the items that you will discover in the real boutiques.

Price range: The pricing is what you would expect it to be. There are many products that are on sale and there are regular promotions that include free shipping.

Click Here to Check Out This Store
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  • Daryl

    Do any of these sell stuff for men? I’m at work right now and I don’t want to view any of the sites just yet. I am looking for some devices made for men, and if any of these sites offer something I would like to know. I owned a pocket pussy at one point, but I want something more fun than that. lol

  • KarineP1

    I’ve purchased from Adam & Eve before and the selection is quite nice. My boyfriend purchased some toys and lingerie for me at some point from the site, and our love life has become so much more enjoyable. I might have to check out some of these other sites, thanks for sharing. 😉

  • JJB

    I actually prefer going to businesses in my local town. There’s one that has just about everything where I live. I’ve gotten all kinds of kinky toys. I haven’t tried an online sex shop yet, but It does appeal to me somewhat as the one in my town doesn’t have the biggest selection of stuff, so I am thinking about checking some of these sites out, thanks for sharing. 😉

  • Sarah88

    Omg, thank you for sharing this. I was just thinking about searching the web for some new toys and lingerie, but this caught my attention first. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Adam & Eve, and I’ve seen their commercials. I’ll check them out first.

  • christineG

    It’s crazy how much this industry makes off of sites like this. I really wish I had the ability to start my own store like any of these, would be so cool to own my own and make a fair living off of it. I’ve purchased from a few of these sites, the selection of items is quite fantastic I will admit.

  • Jamie

    Wow… My girl and I have been ordering from Adam and Eve for a few years now. I know they’ve been around for a long time (found a paper catalog in my dads Playboy drawer when I was a teenager), but I had no idea that’s how they started. Very cool story.

    We live in NYC, so we’ve been past The Pleasure Chest. It’s great because you can go in and ask questions. My girl travels a lot so I bought her a pocket vibrator for those extended stays. The kinky phone calls went up 120% and the real intercourse doubled. Don’t dismiss the pocket vibrators, guys.

  • Andrew.

    I have been thinking about getting some toys and lingerie for my girlfriend, but every time I mention going into our local business: Forbidden Pleasures, she gets all shy and nervous and doesn’t want to go. She knows that I am just trying to open up our love life a little bit more and make her feel good but she has this irrational attitude towards it right now, which in her defense I do find adorable.

    So I am now looking to see if I can buy some things on-line for her and myself and am looking forward to going through this list. I’ve never bought anything from the on-line websites for stuff like this but it seems like it’s the only choice I really have. Here’s hoping to finding something fun and enjoyable!

  • Ashley E

    When my boyfriend learned that I was moving out of state for a couple months for work, he ordered me a miniature vibrator from LIberator. I had no idea it was coming in the mail, but I was sure in for a surprise!

    The day it arrived I was playing on the computer and heard a knock on the door, grabbed the package and opened what was soon to be my new favorite toy. Don’t get me wrong, NOTHING beats the real thing – but if you have no way to access the real thing a vibrator is sure to keep your head spinning!

    • Khloe

      Exactly, a vibrator/dildo doesn’t replace a nice, real, hard cock but it sure as hell is a great replacement. Whenever I’m away from my boyfriend I rely on my Adam and Eve black dildo and in some cases I use it for DP if I feel like I could go the extra mile.

      • Hey Klloe that is good to know that dildo can not properly replace a good old real dick :). I bet many men are now less afraid of getting one for their partners.

  • Julie

    Heck Yeah! These are all great brands! My favorite is Adam and Eve. They have been around for awhile and they are totally discreet. Even more discreet than Bra shipping companies! Awesome little tid bit on the way they got started, never knew they started out with condoms when it was illegal! Raising awareness on family planning too! This is definitely needed and these brands give you the tools to get what you need! Big money in this stuff, I know I spend from time to time. Awesome, great stuff here.

  • shanna

    Me and my husband love going to sex stores. So many fun things to look at and try. Role playing is the best.

  • Miranda

    I LOVE Priscillia’s. It’s “where fun and fantasy meet.” BUT they replaced the name with Patricia’s now… lawsuit?

  • Jules

    The great thing about shopping and browsing through kinky websites is that you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment! Your not strolling down the street for everyone to see you open that door and go in, or possibly running into someone you know. Even though you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you see someone you know in this type of a boutique but I know I would be. Shopping on the internet gives you the opportunity to research products and take your time. I know I always feel a bit anxious to get out of a physical one.

  • Barb

    One of the most embarrassing things ever in this type of a shop was on a trip to an actual physical business with my sister before her wedding. It was like the batchelorett party joke, but the joke was really on me (the maid of honor) I was going to try and embarrass her with a surprise party in there. Little did I know she already knew about it and I ended up getting embarrassed myself. Anyway, lesson learned and not details given today, but the moral of the story is that online websites are the way to go, even for a joke. Order the stuff you need and have a party somewhere else.

  • Trilby

    Even when looking online do it with the intend of sex. Have lovemaking on your mind and see what you want or what would pleasure you. It makes it easier to choose and you wont spend hours thumbing trough sites. Know how you want to be pleasured first then finding the right product will be easy, same goes for physical boutiques. Accept that online ones are more discreet and no one knows you were there!

  • Sandy

    My first sex toy was purchased from a home party one of my friends were having. I didn’t have a lot of money so I just picked something. There was that little bit of pressure to buy something so I just bought what seemed like a good idea. Well it wasn’t a good idea, it was too hard, cold, and hardly ever worked right. The great thing about shopping on the internet is you can take the time to shop without the pressure or feeling like you just have to buy something. Plus the quality is better.

  • June

    I love bondage stuff! Love Love Love it. But I don’t like to share my sex life publicly either. So I don’t shop in physical stores. I don’t want to be walking out of one and have to come up with some story. The way my husband and I get our pleasure is our business, so I love shopping on the internet for all sorts of stuff. This post really gives me some other avenues to explore for my purchasing needs. Thanks so much for sharing this with any one who reads it. I looked at all of these brands and have found some of my favorite toys listed for lower prices so I’m glad I found you!

  • Alice

    A&E has this great kit Ladies, its the clone a willy vibrator kit. You can make it like your guys or really like anything. But really its great! A&E have lots of great stuff on there. I really like shopping there and it is really easy to navigate.

    • Thanks for recommendation of a concrete product for all the ladies out there.

  • Janice

    If I wanted anything from brick and mortar businesses I would have to drive and hour and a half to get there so I am thankful for online ones. If I coulnt turn my computer on, pull up a page then I would be out of luck.

  • Tanya

    I didnt have any idea that PMc started in Fayetteville! That is crazy. I guess you can even learn history about these. I know there is tons of history about sex, but people dont usually pay attention to how these got stores started or what they had to go through to even get accepted. Lots of history there though!

  • Sethie

    I live in a really small town, like 2000 people max unless its a national holiday. Anyway, there was a really nice couple who tried to start one in town. They opened the doors and before you knew it they were shut down by the city. This was only 6 years ago this happened and we still don’t have a one in town today. So online businesses are the way to go for any of us living here.

    • This is sad truth about many conservative small cities and communities.

  • Alley

    The last time I was in this type of shopping I noticed that they really didn’t have a good variety of stuff in there. They had all the basics but I was looking for something a little more wild, so online shopping is how it has to be for me. I get the variety and plenty to choose from. The only problem is deciding what to get.

  • Elisa

    My BF and I shop at Adam and Eve. Sensual and slightly kinky. Couldn’t ask for anything else.

  • Justine

    I get it… there ARE toys in Babeland. And furry handcuffs… and creams… and extra batteries. Oh my!!!!

    • That sounds like a great package for amazing night will be coming soon!

  • kendal

    I love ADULT Mart. Like the walmart of everything NAUGHTY!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox sexy times

  • Jessica Rabbit

    You all forgot Sara’s Secret… LOVE their stuff!

    • Maybe you could share a link on their eshop here in comments as well.

  • Nicky

    Pleasure chest is iconic, though I’m VERY interested in trying ADAM & EVE!!!!

    • A&E is great and full of special deals and discounts. I highly recommend this reliable company.

  • Tray

    I have always loved Adam & Eve. It’s such a discrete website. Even my girlfriend who wasn’t really all that into sexual exploration was able to get into it when I sent her a link and asked her to “find something that would make her feel good.” We ended up with a nice average sized dildo and some lingerie on the cheap. As a bonus, they sent some extra stuff like a vibrating cock ring which was unexpected but pleasant. While I don’t buy toys all that frequently, when I do, it’s with Adam & Eve. They’re just great all around!

    • Discreet shopping & packaging is one of their strong points.

  • Jes

    One site you didn’t mention on here that I think is worthwhile is, well, Amazon! They have some incredible deals on sex toys, and often you will find them on the cheap because sex items are not exactly Amazon’s specialty. A lot of sex toy shops tend to charge more money because people are actively looking for those products on their websites, but Amazon seems to work wonders for me. The first vibrator I ever bought was on Amazon for about $7 dollars, and it works like a charm to this day. I’ve since upgraded on a few occasions to different toys, always getting Prime shipping and just having a great time browsing the limitless selections there. I love Amazon for sex toys!

    • Dan Grumble

      I completely forgot about Amazon. It seriously has everything imaginable. I’ve gotten my girlfriend lingerie on there before and there’s a lot there to look into. This list is still quite good though, my girlfriend is in love with The liberator site.

    • MeganE

      Amazon is great because a lot of company’s out there selling similar stuff can have their own little shops. I’ve purchased a lot of things on there that these sites just don’t have and it is fantastic. Of course the selection is limited compared to a lot of these sites, but it has the same idea.

      • Sure, Amazon is a great place if you want to buy something quick and for cheap money. But if you have need for a wider collection of assortment and more intimate experience from shopping then I would go for smaller and local eshops.

  • Breanna88

    Adam & Eve is by far my favorite site. The prices are kind of expensive, but they have great deals worth checking out. I’ve purchased a few toys from some of the other sites too, but I usually stick to Adam & Eve.

  • Stacey H.

    Adam and Eve as well as The Pleasure Chest are my favorite. I might have to check out the other sites soon and see if they have deals that beat out either of my faves. Thanks for sharing this list though, I will probably bookmark them all for future reference. 😀

    • I recommend to check out all of these as each and every one of these is worth your visit and maybe you will even discover some really significant discounts and amazing deals.

  • hillary

    All of these sites are very good, I’d say the ranking for all of these are pretty spot on. I agree with Adam and Eve being at #1, but I think the only misplaced one is my pleasure, which I think deserves to be higher up, but like I said, it’s all good.

    • Thank you Hillary for this really valuable feedback. I am happy that I managed to rank these appropriately.

  • Adelaide

    I would say that has the best selection of sex toys in the World.

    • That is really great to know about. I hope people will make use of this as well.

  • Stefano

    Me and my wife love going to sex stores like Cloud Nine Adult . So many fun things to look at and try. Role playing is the best.They also have their own website

  • Diane Stein

    I would highly recomend for sex toys and more ,the name says it all.

    • Honestly, I can not say much about it as I do not know it but maybe some readers will be able to provide some feedback on this eshop.

  • Lucy

    I would definitelly reccomend the Pleasure Chest. Me and my gf bought some of these and took turns using them on each other, and it was really fun. Good delivery, too! 😀

  • John

    Glad to see Adam and Even on the first place! Good name, good products, and good services! They definitely deserve the number 1 rank, I’m a faithful customer of theirs 😀

    • Well this brand is famous for its really great approach to their customers.

  • Luke

    My gf bought a vibrator from Babe Land and she was very pleased with it. Now we’re considering ordering some outfits from one of these sites, so thanks for the list!

    • Well I do not know which one of these pages has some special costumes or not. Maybe you could try Adam & Eve.

  • Andrew

    My wife bought some underwear and costumes from McCall’s, and fuck, those things are just amazing, they get my dick up like nobody’s business. So guys, take your women shopping 😉

    • Haha Andrew. Thanks for leaving your personal experience 😀 McCall´s is among the best ones!

    • Camila

      Andrew, your comment cracked me up. I’m looking for something sexy for my boyfriend and want to give him a total shock. I will be definitely checking McCall’s because that’s the reaction I’m looking for ”the Ultimate Boner”. The only problem I have now is their package; is it really discreet or you can end up with a box with a dick drawn on it? Thanks James for putting together this list!

      • You are welcome Camila. Although I can not guarantee this for you, I highly doubt that you will receive a box with obvious signs that it is coming from sex shop. But this is only my own opinion.

  • DianeJ

    I’ve been looking for some sexy clothing to surprise my SO on our one year anniversary, and this list really gave me something to choose from ahahha. Thanks for it, my SO’s future boner salutes you!

    • You are welcome Diane. To be honest, I have created even article listing best shops for getting really sexy lingerie!

  • eliot

    Are you sure about Adam and Eve? They have horrible reviews on, saying their packaging is not discreet and that customers get a lot of obvious sexually explicit junk mail and also email. Here are the reviews:–_AdamEve_com/sec_~opinion_list/sb_~1/display_~reviews/pp_~1#list

    What do you think?

    • I have seen and heard only positive experience with this company. As you can see, there are negative a well as positive comments and I take all these responses with a little caution (Both positive and negative ones). You need to realize both can be created as a campaign for making this brand look great or bad…

  • lila

    I love Adam & Eve because they make it their business to mind their own business and give you the level of privacy you need! They also have some nice accessories in there 😉 This store is on my top 3 list of sex shops in the world! I buy from them every 2 months.

  • dan

    I like “the pleasure chest” because I like the good stuff and also can afford it. I like that they try to help you get the most out of their products by having articles on some of their best sellers. And they also have things that other stores only dream of selling.

  • Terry Hill

    There is no denying that sex shops have grown immensely in popularity since society has progressed and become more accepting of them, but still there is a needed emphasis on the anonymity when making purchases.

    • There is! Many people still protect their privacy and personal lives.

  • Hugh Patino

    I think that I speak for everyone when I say that adult shops need to work on their packaging and making it as discreet as possible. I have never tried Adam and Eve before, but I have heard a mixed bag of reviews from people saying their packaging was perfect for the purpose and others who have stated that the packaging was obviously home to a dildo.

    • Sure, I have seen these as well but if you look at it there are more people who say their packaging was really discrete and sadly you can not verify their statements so you always need to have a little doubt when considering any feedback.

  • Alison

    Priscilla McCall is my favourite adult store, because of the great range of products, reasonable pricing (in my opinion) and generally the service from their support is fantastic. I have made several purchases with them, and honestly I couldn’t be happier.

    • Thanks Alison, this is really valuable and amazing feedback. So I hope other people will get inspired by your comment.

  • Harrison P

    Thanks for highlighting these adult stores. I have been looking for some time for the best adult store for my ‘needs’ and with the huge amount of them out there, it can be hard to narrow the choice down. This has been a huge help.

    • I am really glad I was able to help you Harrison.

  • Olivia

    There seems to be quite a lot of competition in this market, which is good as it means that they put more of a focus on providing a great quality service and products. I have had some excellent experiences with some of the stores on this list including Adam and Eve, but at the same time some abysmal experiences with others (none of which have come up on this list). If you want my two cents use this list as a guide for the best sex shops, and avoid others that may have products at cheaper prices as they are never as good as they promise.

    • Olivia you are speaking from my heath. I have the same opinion on this issue as you present in this comment.

  • James B.

    I have used around 3 of the 13 specified here and each time I have used them it has been great. A lot of people complain about the packaging of some of the products, and how they are not discreet enough, but thankfully I have never had an embarrassing experience so far.

    • Thanks James, maybe you could specify which three you have been purchasing from.

  • Brianna

    I buy most of my bedroom toys from Amazon and I never had any issues. All the packages came in a brown box so my neighbors didn’t have a clue what I bought. Amazon is also great at discounts; you can find dildos at half a price and sometimes even with free shipping.

    • Sure, if you want to have some product with a discount, then Amazon is often the way to go.

  • Aaliyah

    Agreed, PleasureChest is pretty expensive compared to other sex shops but the quality is excellent. No rubber smell or weird texture, their dildos are the real deal. The Shilo Dildo is my fave and it spreads me soo good. My bf tested out their Fleshlight and he’s addicted, he has one at his place and one in my flat!

    • Thanks for letting us know with your tips for best shop to go shopping for kinky stuff.

  • Riley

    McCall’s are my go to place as they have everything: sex toys, lubes and random costumes for role-play. You just can’t beat their prices and I never ever had a problem regarding the quality. I usually buy from them 2 or 3 times a year when they have new costumes in to surprise my hubby!

    • I have heard only the good stuff on McCall. I bet user satisfaction is one of their priorities.

  • Sophie

    I’m single and there’s no sign of things changing in the near future. I have some glass dildos and butt plugs from Coco de Mer and they’re better than any guy I’ve been with. They’re a bit expensive but I wouldn’t feel good stuffing myself with cheap, smelling plastic so they’re more than worth it.

    • That is correct attitude. If you are putting anything inside of you, it should be quality made and not cheap and dangerous.

  • Alex

    A&E are among the top selling sex shops for a reason. I order mostly from their website and I
    was never disappointed. I surprised my wife with a clitoris massager and some dildo beads and in two hours tops we gave them a test-run. She orgasmed like crazy and made these part of our usual routine which turns me on big time.

    • Thanks Alex for your awesome feedback that may inspire other people as well.

  • Claire

    If you like your sex toys to be very pleasuring yet cool looking; Babe Land is the perfect choice. They have tons of hardcore dildos and accessories that would totally change your sex life. I swear by my Stronic Drei, the ridges make me go wild and it feels incredible!

    • Thanks Claire for sharing with us your personal preference of a store.

  • Arianna

    This is the first time I hear about She Bop The Shop. I am pleasantly surprised, they have high-quality products and the prices aren’t bad either. I just added in my cart an “I rub my duckie”, the Paris version, and a Mistress dildo. Thanks a bunch for mentioning them, James!

    • You are welcome Arianna. I hope you will have fun with your new toys :).

  • Peyton

    I’m from Vegas and as you can imagine, I’m a big Vegas Adult SuperStore fan. They have everything you want and if not they can bring it in for you. The service is perfect and they don’t make you feel ashamed you want to buy the biggest dildo they have in.

    • Thanks for awesome feedback Peyton. I hope others will be so happy with this shop as you are.

  • Paul

    Interesting that most of these (and it seems toy sites in general) focus on toys for women, leaving us men scratching our heads looking for a good selection of toys for us, but even more so for a site that knows us and can actually help us when selecting a toy…

    I have long been purchasing underwear from a men’s underwear brand, and they just released a toy site that does just this. I am yet to place my first order for a toy, but am really excited to do so. I know from my experience with their underwear, that their service and shipping is top notch, and very discreet. Check it out:

    • Thanks Paul for your great addition to this list. I will have a look on this website asap.

  • Kink Gifter

    I love Babe Land’s kinky gifts. I always take the piss and buy my friends something from their shop. their faces when they open my dildo present in plen air is absolutely amazing XD good pricing, good fun, and the delivery has always been very propt

    • Thanks Kink Gifter for stopping by and leaving comment on this post. Your friends must love you! 😀

  • Simon

    It’s a pity there aren’t more stores catering to men…but I guess this is society’s fault. A woman using a dildo is seen as liberated, but a man using a toy is seen as weak, submissive or a loser. Really a pity, because there’s a huge market out there that’s only covered by…what? fleshlights and dolls? not nearly enough.

    it’s like all these stores are catered primarily to women or couples, and the guys come just as an afterthought :/

    • Simon I totally agree with you on this one. I am intending to create and write one article dealing with just sex shops dedicated to male population. Hopefully it will be done soon.

  • Simon

    I love Liberator’s art section! I’m a big fan of erotic art and I have my bedroom walls lined up with paintings and sketches, from the more obscure artists to famous ones like Manara. I added some of Liberator’s glasswork as decoration on the nightstand. Nobody will ever know they are actually dildoes haha 😉

    • Hey, that is quite a good idea to use their art section. To be honest, I have never looked at it so maybe I will give it a try soon.

  • Christine

    I have nothing but good words regarding The Pleasure Chest! I’ve been a steady client of them for months!

    I bought myself and my boyfriend toys, BDSM materials…and anything in between. And my bachelorette party was incredibly fun thanks for the things I brought from them!

    • That is really good to know Christine. I believe this shop is one of the best!

  • Joane

    I have a huge bulk of erotic lit from Fascinations. They always sell awesome high-quality stuff, none of that “dick goes in, dick goes out” hogwash that seems to have pervaded the erotic lit industry lately.
    Their books are my little masturbatory secret 😉

    I also bought some lingerie from them, and my boyfriend loves it! High quality fabric and very pretty designs

    • Thanks Joane for your feedback. I bet it will help a lot of people!

  • luisa

    Adam and Eve is my go-to store! I think every relationship of mine benefited from that store lol
    I’ve bought everything from lingerie to toys, dildoes, lubes, flavoured playthings…

    i love that they have a huge selection to choose from…!
    i don’t understand how come they sell movies…i mean porn is for free on the internet, who even watches that on cd/dvd anymore?

    • Hahaha I was wondering the same thing yesterday. Who is still in these days buying or renting porn movies …

  • mary

    i have such a huge collection of lingerie from McCall’s that it’s not even funny. i would def reccomend them to every woman searching for some sexy garments. they really do make a difference in your sex life.

    they’re decently priced, high quality, and the designs are to die for! my latest purchase was a mint lace bra & garter set that’s an absolute beauty!

    • Are those bras and panties quality made? I have heard somewhere that they have sometimes issues with quality…

  • joe

    I’d definitely go for the Vegas Adult Super Store in the future. I just checked them out and the variety is crazy. I don’t think I’ll have an easy time choosing what to buy without going broke. Damn, that place has so many sex toys and other stuff that I’m wondering how large of a deposit they must have for all that kinda stuff

    • Sure, this shop has huge assortment for great price.

  • Maritza

    I really like She Bop. I mean, most stores are tacitly female-oriented, but this one takes the cake! I’ve bought a dildo from them and I’ve been very happy with the product and customer service.

    I just checked out Adult Supermarket…and wow, they have a huge variety but their site design is such an eye sore :/ It makes me think of my mother online shopping, such a turn off. They really would benefit from a design like the others in your list.

    • That is something I hated about Adult Supermarket. Its design was so poor that it made me think twice to buy something from them.

  • John

    Lol I just checked out Liberator and I can’t believe people would make dildo art like that…I don’t particularly see the point of polished glass dildoes with decorative inlays, but maybe that’s just me?

    • You know, million people have million tastes… So I bet there are some who love this whole idea.

  • Peter

    My favorite sex shop with adult toys is 🙂

  • Avinash Kumar

    I have been to Planet X, Tampa and I loved it. They have got a nice collection !