Add Inches: 4 Penis Enlargement Techniques That Work!!!

Tape For Measuring Size EnlargementThis is definitely an interesting topic that, for years, made curious many medical professionals as well as almost every dude that is out there.

For many years, various companies and unscrupulous doctors have made odd claims (some of which have been proven totally false) about this issue.

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Are you considering talking to your doctor about penile enhancement, or investing in products that claim to increase your length, width, or girth? If so, then this article is exactly for you!

Reasons For Making It Bigger

There is a variety of reasons for increasing your size:

  • Physiological - Some dudes must undergo surgeries to boost their measurements due to a medical condition called micropenis (a male organ that is only 3 inches or smaller when fully erect), which can negatively affect both sexual activity, as well as process of urination. Luckily, most men do have an average and fully functional dick (between 5″ and 7″ when fully erect).
  • Psychological - Other guys who are seeking out these types of procedures, however, may just be doing so because of the belief that a larger “manhood” will bring them more attractive partners, and increase their lovemaking skill. They do not realize that these things are not always true.

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Most men would agree that they would like to enhance the measurements of their “little buddies”, if possible. However, in many cases, though, possible risks may far outweigh the potential benefits.

Issues With Seeking Care

Embarrassing: Main reason why most dudes do not go for penile enlargement is because they experience embarrassment or shame.

Male patients will often admit, on anonymous surveys, that they may feel uncomfortable talking about this issue with anyone including partners and medical professionals.

Finding Help Alone: Many other think that they can simply find a solution that will not require them unpleasant discussion.

Some may also be experiencing a very common heath problem known as erectile dysfunction. These men do not really need larger “buddy”, but believe that it will improve their libido and quality of erections.

Does Penis Enlargement Work?

With a variety of methods, supplements, and exercises, some have found stuff they believe can increase their measurements. However, some of these solutions have already been called complete frauds and hoaxes by those in the medical community.

Many studies on anything but certain surgical procedures and penile workouts have shown little to no conclusive evidence that these methods actually provide permanent results.

Regardless, I am going to provide you with more information on all of the available “treatments” you may come across that claim to boost your size.

No. 1: Surgical Male Enhancement Procedures

Surgeon And Surgical ScalpelThere are several types of surgeries that may be offered by a few cosmetic surgeons to address this issue.

Normally, however, these are reserved for those whose reproductive organ have been damaged by injury or birth defect.

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What is more, this type of surgery have not been proven completely safe or very effective in any form. Some of these include:

  • Length - Snipping the suspensory ligament and moving skin from the abdomen to the shaft of your cock. This has effect on how your “little buddy” hangs, making it appear longer.
  • Fat Removal – Sometimes, a doctor may also remove pubic bone fat to achieve better results.
  • Width – Another possible procedure that is used to make your shaft thicker is based on direct injection of fat deposits taken from any fleshy part of your body.

Most Men Do Not Desire Surgery

Most guys, in reality, are not ready to face the risks these surgeries may bring. You should count with these potential side effects including:

  • Misshapen Penis
  • Scar Tissue
  • Failure Of The Procedure
  • Unstable Erection
  • Complete Loss Of Sexual Feeling
  • Inability To Achieve Erection Or Orgasm

Therefore, you should definitely talk to your doctor and weigh the possible risks you may be facing by trying to undergo any of these procedures. Then, consider trying other, safer, more effective options, like natural workouts that are analyzed at the end of this article.

No. 2: Pills & Creams

Mix Of Male Enhancement PillsThere are also quite a few tablets and creams on the market that promise miracles. Their producers usually claim that:

  • These can increase your girth.
  • Or that, during erection, these can make your dick larger.

However, these claims are mostly overrated in order to make much more sales. Therefore there is no wonder that most of such products are quite expensive.

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What is more, none of them is actually approved for medical use by the FDA. Although some capsules can help you with erectile dysfunction (like Viagra), none of them could make your “little buddy” bigger.

And if they could, the effects would only be temporary, at best! So save your money and probably even your health by avoiding these.

Studies On Pills And Creams

To date, none of these products have been found effective in any way. Instead, think about looking at some of the more natural and less invasive options at the end of this article that actually may work.

Chances are, you will save both time and money by doing just that!

No. 3: Pumps

Penis Pump Based On Vacuum Suction

Ilustrational Image

These are another seemingly popular gadgets that claim they may help you to achieve a larger cock.

Normally, these are same as similar vacuum versions. However, one has to be admitted that they may be effective in treating erectile dysfunction, temporarily.

Additionally, they do cause your dick to swell and, therefore, may make it appear somewhat bigger for a short amount of time because of higher blood flow to the area.

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Sadly, these effects are only visible for as long as you have the tourniquet around base of your reproductive organ to keep the blood flow in that particular area. You should pay great attention as using these in an irresponsible way may cause further damage to your soft tissues.

Does Pumping Really Work?

The short answer is, yes but only temporarily. For some men, penile pumps are a must because of their poor blood circulation.

However, as stated above, to use a vacuum pump for an extended amount of time may cause you harm on your health. If you allow the tourniquet to remain on for longer than 20 minutes, you may experience permanent tissue damage.

Using these devices over and over again is also not recommended, because of other risks that are not covered in this article. What is more, I have to warn you that these results will probably never be permanent and your erection may actually become dependent upon a pump thanks to its overuse.

No. 4: Manual Exercises

Effective Penis Enlargement ExercisesLastly, we come to only natural way of penis enlargement – manual exercises. The most common type of workout to increase your dick is often referred to as “jelqing” or “milking” its shaft.

In this technique, a hand over hand motion is used to stroke it from the base, upward to the glans. There are even machines out on the market that can perform this motion, as well.

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Although this technique is relatively safe, and will most likely cause no injury, the medical validity of it has always been questioned. Some doctors even say that what this technique claims to do for growth of your measurements is biologically impossible.

However, there are thousands of men out there who refuse these claims as they managed to add some inches naturally to their length as well as girth. Still, if done incorrectly, you expose yourself to these dangers:

  • Tearing Of Blood Vessels
  • Possible Scarring
  • Pain
  • Disfigurement
  • Complete Loss Of Sensation

Therefore, although penile workouts are quite effective, they need to be done precisely according to guide in order to avoid any damage.

BTW: For me personally this seems as the only way that provides you with permanent growth in a natural way. You should go over these exercises and follow them: List Of Workouts.

What Other Things May Work

Finally, we come to a few things that may actually solve your problems:

  • Consult Professional - Firstly, if you are obsessed over your length or girth, and believe it to be horribly inadequate, you may want to go see a counselor or psychologist. You could simply be suffering from a mental health issue, not a physical one.
  • Ask Your Girl - Secondly, try to talk to your partner about size concern. Chances are, they will be open to talking about their sexual preferences to help you feel frisky again.
  • Get Skinny - Additionally, you should consider trimming your pubic hair to make your penis appear larger. Last but not least, you may also want to consider weight loss. Getting rid of belly fat may have the visually enlarging effect.
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  • David Stoek

    I agree with the sentiment that most men are weary of going under the knife for an operation like this. Unless the size problem was stopping me from enjoying life I really don’t see a scenario where I would pony up the money and the risk to potentially become deformed and lose some or all sensation in my nether regions!

    One of the things I believe works best, while it isn’t true enlargement, is to simply lose weight and be healthy. As your weight increases, your shaft rescinds into your abdomen under all of the extra fat and skin tissue giving the appearance of a much less impressive member. Losing this excess weight can do wonders for how size is perceived during presentation.

    • James Buzinko

      Hi David!

      I can only agree with you that the most safe method is to shed some pounds from your abdomen.
      Thank you for stopping by!

    • Hottie and the Jerk

      When I hear of cock devices, I think of Van Wilder and that bong scene. YUCK!

  • BD

    I wouldn’t want my guy going bigger. His size is just right. I’ve had bigger dudes but they didn’t know what they were doing so the sex was lousy. Seriously, length doesn’t matter. What you do with your cock and your hips is what makes the difference.

    • James Buzinko

      Sure, If your guy has a size and skills that give you pleasure and orgasms then there is no point in doing anything about his size.

  • Demyan K.

    I didn’t even know surgery was available for male enhancement. That’s a little too drastic for me. I’d probably try the workouts and that’s it.

    • James Buzinko

      I totally agree with you Demyan.

      It is too much of a risk for me when there is a safe alternative.

  • Dustin Leblanc

    Going under the knife seems quite extreme to me as well. I am going to try some of the other techniques in your post and hopefully see some positive results. Thanks for the blog article.

    • James Buzinko

      I personally would never go under knife with my “little buddy” voluntarily. I got chills when thinking about it.

  • Sriracha Sauce

    I’ve heard about the surgery thing on the news. It seriously can work… but I would definitely consult an expert plastic surgeon on this one. Yowza!

    • James Buzinko

      Yup. If you want to undergo operation, then consultation with professionals at clinic is the best and only option.

  • Michael Penn

    Enhancement workouts are considered to be the most “natural” form of adding inches, and many of the techniques have been used for centuries by men from all over the world. The beauty of this method is that you can do it at your own pace, in just few minutes per day and beginning seeing results within as little as two weeks. Erection exercise programs can be customized to your specific needs and desires as you can adjust your frequency or intensity to control how fast or slowly you want to gain size.

    • James Buzinko

      Hey Michael, I completely agree with you on this one. I also prefer natural workouts for male enhancement rather than any commercial pumps or pills.