8 Foreplay Tips That Will Drive Her Wild


sensual couple engaged in foreplay

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When it comes time to get the night off right, you will need to be playful and provide enough foreplay to get her juices flowing. For women, this act must be present to ensure that there is an emotional and physical bond introduced.

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Ladies, unlike men, take a much longer time to reach their peak arousal!

While every sex partner will be different, there are a lot of foreplay tips that will make her go wild and ensure that when you have intercourse, she is more than ready to go.

Let me show you the 8 best foreplay tips for her, with some awesome pictures!

Tip #8 – Kiss Her with Passion

man kissing her lips

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Making out has been around since the beginning of humankind. Passionate kissing brings about a sensual aspect that makes women feel closer to their partners.

With foreplay, there is never too much kissing that can be involved!

However, a person can make out so roughly that it ruins the mood. Therefore, soft, gentle, passionate kisses work best to steam things up. You can kiss her lips, legs, arms, back or neck to make her wanting more.

Some of the top places to focus your mouth on besides her lips are:

  • Behind the ear, Between the ear & neck, The lower back, Right below the naval
  • Across her panty line, The entire neck area, The calves, Upper thigh

Remember: Soft passionate kisses work best. For areas where the skin is a little thicker, such as the panty line, a playful bite is welcomed.

Awesome Foreplay Video Demonstration

Watch the Video Above for the Perfect Tutorial

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Tip #7 – Give Her Sensual Massage!

sexy sensual massage

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Massages are very intimate. In fact, most men and women will become aroused even if they are being massaged by an unattractive person.

When your lover is providing the massage, it can even stimulate the partner enough to the point of orgasm! Here are 3 general tips for giving her the best and most sensual experience:

  • Groom yourself – Trim your nails before massaging.
  • Lubricate – Use aroma oils to heighten her senses and make it more pleasurable experience.
  • Focus – Work on her neck, back, stomach, thighs and nether regions.

Pay attention: If you accompany these tips with music that will add to the ambiance, her stimulation will be better overall!

Tip #6 – Tease Her While Undressing

undressing her body

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Before any intercourse can occur, you will need to take off both yours and her clothes, so why not be playful with it?

When undressing her, you can be extremely creative as this is an excellent way to add in a little foreplay:

  • Bite – Use your teeth to remove delicate items.
  • Hide behind her body – Undress her from behind while kissing her neck.
  • Build gradual tension – Take it slow and kiss her body after each piece of clothing you remove.
  • Use your hands – Rub sensitive areas while taking her clothes off and put your lips to use for extra stimulation.

Pay attention: Never underestimate the power of a playful foreplay. You can add almost anything to your process of undressing.

Tip #5 – Pay Enough Attention to Her Breasts & Nipples

playing with her nipples

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The breasts are ripe with nerve endings that make touching, licking or playful biting very thrilling! Therefore, you need to know how to handle her breasts and nipples properly!

By not playing with her nipples, you will miss adding that little extra spice to your foreplay that will make her go wild.

  • Firstly – Start by slowly licking around the outside of the nipple.
  • Secondly – Then go for lightly sucking on it as well as her breasts.

Keep in mind: This will stimulate and provide her with the sensation needed to make her all wet. For awesome tips on perfect breast foreplay, check this guide here: How to Handle Her Breasts Like a Real Stallion

Tip #4 – Go for Dirty Talk

man talking dirty to woman

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If done well, this may work on almost any girl. However, some women detest this kind of foreplay, and any form of a dirty talk will ultimately ruin her mood!

Before you begin, test the waters and find out what she likes. The worst thing you can do is go in with the intentions of getting her aroused only to discover that nothing turns her off more than speaking nasty words to her.

Dirty talk can include following levels:

  • Soft – Creating an alter ego that is rough and sensual.
  • Medium – Conversing dirty, but not too kinky.
  • Hard – Going to the extremes and being downright filthy with the words that come out of your mouth.

Remember: You want to gauge limits of what she likes. If she doesn’t seem into it, just put an end to it and discuss it later! For more on dirty talk, check out The Advanced Guide to Talking Dirty

Tip #3 – Give Her Oral Sex

naked female body

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Perhaps you want to know that she is having a good time, and you want to leave nothing to chance. When you want to impress and stimulate her at the same time, oral sex is essential! Giving her this type of pleasure will require you to find her clit.

This is rather easy as a female clitoris is hidden under the skin (clitoral hood) above her vaginal opening!

You can always ask her if you have hit it, or you can judge based on her moansCunnilingus is the ultimate foreplay and will ensure that she is soaking wet when the time for sex comes.

Pay attention: A word of caution for anyone that wants to try this! If she is overly sensitive, intercourse may be painful after reaching orgasm from oral sex. When this is the case, make sure that she doesn’t orgasm before you get inside her!

Tip #2 – Blindfold Her to Increase Her Pleasure

blindfolded woman

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While you may be a beautiful human being that she cannot resist, this does not mean that an easy blindfold fun won’t make things even better. When she loses one of her senses, others will increase significantly.

By putting a scarf over her eyes, you can make the experience more erotic and pleasurable!

Just make her blind and follow some of the many tips provided in this article. The trick is to use this moment of vulnerability to make her stimulated and ready to go.

Pay attention: While blindfolded, go for some of the kinky thoughts that you have been having but have been too shy to try. This may include sucking on toes, pulling hair or being a little more rough than normal!

Tip #1 – Make Sure She Is Well Wet Before Finishing Foreplay!

woman in pantiesForeplay is all about making her excited and turned on. If she is not properly lubricated, this will make sex painful for both of you.

Therefore, you need to make sure she is well wet before you end your foreplay and start with actual sex. You can do this by your:

  • Hand – You can rub her clit and vagina through her panties!
  • Tongue – Always make sure to stimulate her orally for a short time before you end your foreplay.

Keep in mind! Sometimes, what typically works to get her going will just not be effective. By playfully rubbing her pussy, you will know for sure that she is ready for sex!

Bonus Tip #1: Make Her Want You Even More

Click on The Image Above to Watch the Video Demonstration of G-Sport Orgasm
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  1. My wife loves it when I kiss her on her lower back! It just drives her crazy and she usually just wants to rip me to threads (in a good way) when I do it! I think every woman has her weak spot and you must do anything it takes to find out what that is! It can turn you into a great lover!

  2. I don’t know why but I love it when my boyfriend kisses me on the upper thigh! I just feel this tingling sensation when he does it and it seems that my blood starts pumping! I love a good foreplay and I think that, if done right, this can lead to an amazing night of sex.

  3. I always use my teeth to remove delicate items like her bra or underwear. She seems to be loving it every time! Sometimes I will slowly undress her from behind which makes it even more hot. I try to kiss her while I’m taking her clothes off and if I do it right, she is usually all ready for sex in 3-5 minutes!

  4. I like to play with my girlfriend’s nipples but sometimes I go overboard and bite her too hard. I’m usually careful but these things happen and she tends to get upset afterwards. Sometimes, the whole sex thing just doesn’t happen anymore because of this. That’s why I don’t do it as often as I would like to.

  5. I would so love it if my lover would talk dirty to me but he is kind of shy about these things and probably thinks that you can’t talk like this to a woman. Well, I would actually love it and I wouldn’t be mad at him, quite the opposite! I told him this but it’s taking him some time to actually acknowledge this. Hopefully, he will start talking dirty…

  6. I hate dirty talk! I find it demeaning and can’t understand how some people can get excited about this kind of thing. This has nothing to do with my religion or things like that, I just don’t like it. I’ve had some girlfriends in the past that were into this but I couldn’t do it.

  7. I’ve asked my girlfriend if I can blindfold her but she is actually a little scared of not seeing what is happening around her. Blindfolding is a fantasy of mine but I don’t think I will ever get to
    experience it because she doesn’t want to do it. I understand what she is feeling so I won’t pressure her. It would have been nice though…

      • I think you should take in consideration her won personal boundaries. If she feels the experience is traumatic for her, she might just dump him altogether after it. New sex things should be discussed between both partners to see if everyone is ok with it – surprises are nice only at birthday parties.

        • That is good approach, but she still has her mouth open and she can always say that she does not want to go through this experience. This is part of a basic communication that is vital for healthy relationship.

    • Jamal, I hope being 10 months ago that you’ve both gotten over this problem, but if not, I have some insights for you both! I was raped several times within 4 years… I’m now in my 30’s, married 10+ years, a mom to 3 and I must say that lately I have found my inner freak in the sheets! I dove head first into my husbands fantasies and my own and OMG! I was so scared of being blindfolded, tied up and anal because of being raped, But now being that I whole heartly trust my husband and I have opened up a whole new life for us both!!!!! Being married going on 11 years in just a few months, we’re having sex 2,3 and some times 4 times a day when he’s off work! The best way I suggest it is, Buy the stuff, let her use on you first, then let her pick a safe word, then try 1 at a time, make everything perfect for HER!! Candles, back massage and let her keep some control! Same with tieing her up and with anal! Once she knows where she is safe and starts to relax, the better for you both! Atleast here, we’ve turned into sex machines!
      I really hope this helps to you and or anyone out there who needs this help! I promise if you open up and tell her your dreams and fantasies then she will open up about hers and you will both go to new levels and will be so glad you did!
      Oh and don’t stress that she/he will think your a freak!!!! You both have them and so does every other grown adult! And believe it or not, most all is the same!!!!! Open your eyes and open your mouth! You will NOT regret it!

  8. As a woman, I really love dirty talk. It melts my brain, it really makes me feel like I’m under his control and that I’m his woman. There’s nothing sexier than a man knowing how to turn you on with just his words! It can make any sex instantly kinkier!

  9. I think exploring her body is your best bet – you wouldn’t believe the crazy erogenous zones some of my past girlfriends have had, like back of the knees, lower back, inner thighs, toes…just try it and a wide world of sexy possibilities can open to you! Honestly, all of these tips are nothing if you don’t take the time to really see what she likes.

  10. Ugh to all men out there – the last tip is SO important! You really need to make sure we’re wet before going forward, else it will be just frictioned and painful :/ This is why most women complain about the lack of foreplay. Some men just tend to hurry and not get us warmed up enough for it to be pleasurable for us too.

  11. Kissing is super important, always has been for me. I can make any woman be on her knees just by kissing her right. As long as you master the art of kissing and showering her body with them you’ll be good. If you’re a bad kisser, good luck with even trying to get her in your bed.

  12. A massage has always been a good opener with any of the women I’ve had sex with. It makes you look caring and charming and it relaxes them & turns them on at the same time. The teasing factor is very high with a massage, so if you’re into that I highly rec it.

  13. James Buzinko, your tips are actually amazing!!! Can’t deny reading them everyday perfectizing my sexual styles……awesome! Love them