8 Awesome Shops for Sexy Lingerie


Beautiful Woman In Sexy Erotic LingerieFor many men, there is no better turn on than erotic lingerie on sexy female body.

I bet you are searching high and low for the perfect female underwear.

However, you just aren’t quite sure where to get the sexy, fun, kinky, and exciting pieces you are after without breaking your bank account (or want to spend a lot on a truly “special outfit”).

If this is the case, then look no further as you’ve come to the right place. Below we break down eight shops for the sexiest lingerie you can find anywhere around the world – ones that will blow your (and his) mind completely!

Shop #1 – Simply Pleasure

Lingerie Eshop At Simply Pleasure

Definitely one of the most fun and exciting places for purchasing underwear (and also offering a wide variety of killer products at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay anywhere else). You should have no trouble whatsoever landing the fun and sexy pieces you’re after.

After all, they have full lines of the erotic clothing for men as well as for women, including those for fetish, fantasy character costumes, role-playing outfits, and so much more.

All these for available price points that will never threaten to break your bank account or completely drain budget. Shipping is cheap, discrete, and the customer service is fantastic – so don’t be surprised if you find yourself coming back to Simply Pleasure time and time again for a “wardrobe overhaul”!

Click Here to Check Out This Store

Shop #2 – Adam & Eve

Sexy Lingerie Website From Adam Eve

Certainly one of the most recognized names as far as erotic or sexual stuff is concerned, and this lingerie shop is so much more than that – offering you great deals on:

  • Sex toys
  • Vibrators
  • Adult movies
  • Costumes & so much more!

On top of that, their prices are very, very fair – even though they carry all of the best brands for whatever it is you’re looking for.

Frequently offering deals to reduce the costs of their products even more, you will be blown away by the sheer volume offered at Adam and Eve, making them an online shop that you need to check out right away!

Click Here to Check Out This Store

Shop #3 – Frederick´s of Hollywood

Screenshot Of Fredericks Of Hollywood Lingerie Shop

If you are searching for something particular, special, and quite out of the ordinary as far as luxury underwear is concerned, you will get it at Frederick´s of Hollywood. Definitely one of the most world-renowned sexy lingerie shops anywhere across the globe.

If this specific store would go on to influence Victoria’s Secret – and we all know just how well they seem to be doing!

The prices here are certainly more expensive than you’ll find at most other locations, but then again when you have a Frederick´s of Hollywood product on your hands it’s quite unlike anything else!

Click Here to Check Out This Store

Shop #4 – Agent Provocateur

Best Sexy Underwear From Agent Provocateur

If it’s a downright dirty and fun time you are looking for, you should check out all of the products and erotic clothing offered at Agent Provocateur.

One of the few stores that offer high-end and truly incredible fashion pieces in each and every one of their options. This brand even has “seasonal lineups” that you will want to browse through every quarter to see what new stuff they offer.

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Shop #5 – Kiki De Montparnasse

Exclusive Lingerie From Kiki De Montparnasse

One of the more high-end shops, this is definitely the more “French classic inspired” lingerie providers that are operating online today. Trust me that you will know it the moment you invest in their high quality (and expensive) products.

Offering a wide variety of exclusive underwear that is classy, elegant, and drop dead sexy all at the exact same time, you’re not going to find any “cheap thrills” when you decide to purchase from this retailer.

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Shop #6 – La Perla

La Perla High Quality Sexy Underwear

Certainly one of the more recognized names as far as lingerie legends are concerned. La Perla has always been a popular hot-spot for ladies (and the men that love them) and when it comes to finding the “perfect set” for those special occasions.

What is more, this brand is definitely on the more expensive end of things. However, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth at the moment that you see your special someone in one of these highly erotic outfits!

Click Here to Check Out This Store

Shop #7 – Hanky Panky

Image Of Hanky Panky Lingerie eShop

Though the name certainly sounds at least a little bit “lowbrow”, you will find most of the lingerie offered by this shop to be fun, flirty, exciting, and erotic – if not completely classy and elegant.

Definitely designed for partners that are looking to have a lot of fun (and understand that the underwear will come off at some point – if it’s not torn off). These are affordable products that are probably made right here in the United States of America.

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Shop #8 – Trashy

Sexy Bras Panties From Trashy

Well, if the name doesn’t say it all, you’re probably not paying that much attention. Each and every single piece of erotic underwear offered by this deceptively high-end provider is drop-dead gorgeous and certainly built to “show off the assets”, if you know what I mean – truly jaw-dropping stuff that you should be able to afford on almost any budget.

Definitely take your time in checking out all of the different options available above, comparing and contrasting the different options and locations to find that outfit for your perfect someone – and great night.

Some of the sexy lingerie shops above will fit different personalities better than others, but all of them (ALL of them) encourage you and those closest to you to embrace your sexuality and your passionate side!

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  • Todd

    Great List! Now I know where to shop for my girlfriends (yes girlfriends lol) on their birthdays and other holidays. Women look so sexy in lingerie.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      I can only agree with you on the last point. Sexy lingerie and sexy girls come hand in hand.

  • Shauna

    I love Agent Provocateur! They have a great selection of lingerie, the sales people are usually very helpful. Its well made stuff and I would take it any day over Victoria’s Secret.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      That is really great to know! I bet many people know Victoria but not this one.

    • Gina

      Victoria’s Secret has nothing on Agent Provocateur! They create a sexy image for the brand with all the VS models but they’re lingerie doesn’t compare with the stuff Agent provocateur has. Plus, the fitting on the AP lingerie is just insane, it makes my cleavage extra sexy and my butt is perkier.

      • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

        Thanks for valuable info on this brand. Your comparison helps a lot.

  • Julia

    I’m a massive Agent Provocateur fan and have a ton of their lingerie, so I was excited when they launched there perfume, but it was too musky. Now the lingerie, well it might cost a lot but its worth every penny! Its sexy and well made.

    • Vanessa

      I’m also an AP fan, so glad they’ve got a store near me! I’m also a big fan of Coco de Mer, which I’m surprised didn’t make the list, especially since they sell more erotic equipment than just lingerie.

      • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

        That is really great shop I should be adding in this list as well. I will try to add it there sometimes soon.

      • COLE

        Wow, never heard about Coco de Mer until now! They have some sick lingerie, the Belle Et BonBon panties make me hard just by looking at them. I am so buying these for my wife; she will love them even more than I do!! They have some kinky and sexy lingerie!

        • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

          They sure have. Some really sexy and hot models.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      There are many people who say it is really well made and quality product.

  • Suzy

    I used to shop at Fredericks of Hollywoood, but I noticed that sometimes the shipping took way to long! The other thing is that they do not carry large sizes! Hello this is America people! Most people are not a size 0.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Well, I never knew about these negatives of Fredericks. Thank you for letting all of us know!

  • Fancy Gina

    I love shopping at Simply Pleasure! They carry so many dress- up outfits! I live with my parents, but on the weekends me and my fiancé get a hotel room and I love bringing new costumes. They do send the packages discreetly so I don’t feel bad when my mom or dad bring my package lol I can’t wait to move out this summer.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Moving out from parents is one of the most exciting things to plan!

  • Wendy

    I love KiKiDM! Sure, they might be super expensive, but they are high quality and I love the fabrics and fits! My boyfriend seems to appreciate them too, but not for their design and laces I gues hahaha

    • Serena

      One day I hope to earn some of their sets. Too bad all the guys I date these days barely even know how to buy their own underwear, let alone mine!

      • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

        That is sad truth these days, young guys tend to forget about buying girls proper underwear!

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      I bet he likes something else in those 🙂

  • Missy

    I love Agent Provocateour! My husband got me some of their linjerie as a present for our anniversary, and since then I swear I am hooked! I love wearing their pieces when I go out – sure they are unseen but they make me feel sexy!

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      That is the feeling each woman should have from wearing quality made lingerie.

  • kristen s

    Fredericks and Agent are definitely my favourites, I always save up a little extra to splurge on lingerie. I swear their numbers have helped keep my marriage alive in all of these years ahah. I just feel like a porno supergirl when I wear them, they are lovely and sexy and awesome

    • Allison

      I only have one outfit from Agent Provocateur, and it was a gift… I love their stuff, but it’s a bit expensive for me to justify buying it for myself… I guess that’s why I appreciate it so much when my boyfriend buys it for me.

      • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

        I bet this brand looks really lovely on most chicks!

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Their collections are always the most sexy!

  • helen

    Man idk but I think Hanky Panky’s lingerie is just as lowbrow as the name suggets. Maybe my tastes are different than younger women, but I don’t find that type of linjerie appealing at all. I like KiKiMD the best, but they are a bit pricey

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Thanks Helen for your feedback! Although it is critical, I really appreciate it.

  • tito

    Hey Stallion, dude. thanks for the list! I want to give my gf some nice underwear as a birthday present, and this list will be super useful! 🙂

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      That is really great to know! I am glad I managed to help you.

  • Salome

    Wow, I’m melting already. Any man who knows how to buy a woman fine lingerie surely knows how to get her out of it 😉

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      I think you know what you are talking about 🙂

  • DeLea

    I love lingerie, and I have a lot. My boyfriend kept complaining that I never wore it for him (as if being b*tched at would make me want to do anything) so I went and bought one of those awesome swarovski crystal sets from Victoria Secret to wear for him. Wouldn’t you know, the night I put it on for him, he told me that I looked ridiculous and how he never understood why women would wear something like that, and completely ignored the years he spent asking me to do it. That’ll teach me, I guess – $300 totally wasted.

    • http://www.ajbestwrites.com AJ Best

      DeLea – I’d have back slapped him for making a comment like that. He’s lucky that you’re his girlfriend and not me. Can you hear it now? “No sex for you, it’s just ridiculous!”

      • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

        That is really good approach 🙂

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Whow, that is really sad. I bet that dude made a really big mistake at that time!

  • http://www.ajbestwrites.com AJ Best

    I’m quite passionate about Fredericks. Being a plus sized lady it’s quite difficult to find quality lingerie in my size. They have a great selection for great prices. I’ll have to try some of the others you mentioned, I really haven’t done the research for other stores once I found Fredericks. Thank you for getting me started on a path for more diverse wardrobe options.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      That is awesome to know! I have heard that frederick´s is one of the best.

  • Lilith

    check Fleur of London! They have uber sexy lingerie and as a girl I can say
    that I like all the styles. If you know your girlfriends measurements you can
    buy even with your eyes closed because she will 100% like it. You can buy sexy
    lingerie for private bedroom activities or you can buy her something both sexy
    and comfy for when she has one of those lazy days and wants to prance around in
    her lingerie.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Thank you for another brand worth trying out! I will definitely have a look at their assortment.

  • Clara S.

    La Perla has a soft spot in my heart because with my first salary I bought a set from them even if I was happily singleJ. Now I’m a loyal customer of theirs and just love their transparent bras, they’re so sexy underneath sheer shirts; I think I have about 10, almost all black. For me
    black is way sexier and modern than red!

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      It looks like you have pretty deep personal connection with this brand… 🙂

  • Big Pumba

    Last year I managed to forget about my girlfriend’s birthday, kind of a doh! moment. I remembered her hinting something about La Perla while browsing Pinterest and splurged $600 on a set. She said I was thoughtful but I was feeling guilty that I managed to forget her birthday and lucky I escaped certain death.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure, you may be really glad that you came out of that situation pretty easily.

    • Lorelai

      I wish my boyfriend would surprise me with lingerie! He loves it when I wear something sexy in the bedroom but he doesn’t want to be the one who buys it. He says it ruins the surprise but honestly he has no clue what to buy. La Perla and Fluer du Mal are two of my favorite lingerie brands and their stuff is well worth the money.

      • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

        I have heard that their models are really great and price is reasonable.

  • pink poenies

    If you want sexy, modern and affordable lingerie, check Fleur du mal – super sexy and tons of models to choose from. I like their lace bras most because they stay on tight and support just enough but are super comfy as well. They have bras for under $100 and they last super long even if you wear them on a daily basis.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Good to know! I bet chicks will love it!

    • Vera

      I absolutely adore Fleur du mal. They have the sickest models and I feel like a pornstar whenever I wear them. They’re all super sheer, tight fit and very flattering. Recently I stumbled upon a gorgeous leather bodysuit on Tumblr that I had to have and guess who sold it? Yep, Fleur du Mal.

      • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

        I need to try that brand out and buy some to my GF. I hope she will like it.

  • Sammy

    I know Agent Provocateur is very popular and even the name screams sex, yet I never liked their designs very much. They look somehow outdated and even the price is bigger than competitive brands and it doesn’t seem that the quality is that great. Never heard of La Perla but their lingerie seems much more sexy and tempting.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Thanks for your feedback Sammy.

  • Siena

    Having recently lost 10 pounds I treated myself to some kikiDM lingerie and my boyfriend’s reaction was truly priceless. He worked abroad for a couple of months and didn’t know about my weight loss so imagine the shock when he saw me in sexy lacy lingerie, ready for action. Priceless!

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Whow. That had to be one hell of a surprise. I bet his jaw dropped!

  • faith

    Wow, talk about Trashy! Some of that stuff is straight up bondage haha. Such a shame my girlfriend doesn’t like wearing something sexy for sex, she thinks it’s too kinky. Guess I just have to fantasize about her wearing one of those sex-machine costumes on Trashy. The models are drop dead though 😉

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure, they really are gorgeous and attractive. I would love to meet some in real life!

  • girodia

    My husband surprised me with a sexy, black bralette from Hanky Panky which he bought with the help of my best friend. This was by far the sexiest thing he bought as most of his gifts were perfumes, kitchen appliances or random stuff for the house. Love this to pieces and he asks me to wear it very often.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      That is great to hear that he loves it! Just show it to him as much as he wants and we both will be happy.

  • Dianne

    Most of my costumes and lingerie are from Trashy and while the quality isn’t over the top you can’t beat spending 25 bucks on a nurse costume. If you watch their sales you can buy a ton of sexy stuff and drastically change your sex routines. I love foreplay, pretending to be someone else and this drives my bf insane.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Wow, that sounds like you are having great fun with your partner in bed!

  • Silver Surfer

    My girlfriend suggested we should revamp our sex life and try sexy lingerie more often. We usually get undressed quickly, go at it then go with our day. She asked me to surprise her with some lingerie but I have no idea what to buy. Except from the well-known Victoria’s Secret I didn’t knew any other lingerie brands. Thanks for helping a man out!

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      You are welcome dude. I hope you will love these on your girl!

  • Anne

    I know this may seem uncreative, but for me VS does the job. It’s sexy, fits incredibly well and it’s also more affordable compared to that luxury stuff. I’m in college so even if I wanted to spend more on my lingerie I couldn’t so… My boyfriend is happy and he even bought me a sexy, black corset and panties set that is now a favorite of mine.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure, VS is one of the most popular brands for a proper price.

  • Zayn

    Wow, I didn’t even hear about some of these stores! I’m currently in a relationship with no strings attached and she suggested I buy her a sexy corset and garters. I think I’ll buy her something from Trashy as she’s more into kinky stuff, plus I don’t want to overspend so much on something I might see her in only a couple of times.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure, in this situation Trashy is a great choice you should made!

  • Ashlee

    For me KikiDM is the best! Their lingerie oozes sex-appeal and fits insanely hot. If you want something a little bit naughty you can check their Voyeur line, it has exposed bums or breasts and its uber sexy. I usually tend to buy lingerie that has some lace details and theirs is very well made, the lace is still intact after tons of wears.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      To be honest, KikiDM is one of mine most favorite brands of underwear.

  • AldonzaS.

    Guys, check Etsy, you will find thousands of lingerie models and the prices are sometimes more accessible compared to luxury lingerie brands. You can even get them customized in whatever color or size you want, which is a big plus for me. I recommend MaliceLingerie or FAFlingerie, you will love these two!

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Thanks for mentioning even these other great brands. I will have a look at these and maybe I will add them to this list.

  • Simply sexy

    I use Simply Pleasure mostly for sex toys but I also bought some sexy corsets from them. While they’re super sexy. they’re not very high quality so you don’t get to wear them a lot. This doesn’t bother me as I get bored easily and throw them away after wearing them 10-12 times.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      I have never thought about looking for sexy underwear at Simply Pleasure. Nice tip.

  • Kryn

    Frederick´s Of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret are my top two choices whenever I want to feel sexy but don’t want to spend a fortune on a bra and panties set. I have some pasties from Frederick’s; there are some nights when they’re the only thing I have on, these are some of the best 20 bucks I ever spent!

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure, FoH have some really hot stuff you need to buy as well.