7 Really Cool Tips for Dating a Stripper


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There is just something about strippers that each and every guy is attracted to. Their confidence in their body and sexuality is one of the most attractive characteristics!

However, if you want to pull yourself out of the muck and date this chick, you cannot allow yourself to become “just another face in the crowd”!

Here are 7 tips and tricks that you should use to pick up the stripper of your dreams – with style!

7 Tips to Help You Get Her Attention!

Tip #1 – Don’t Look Like a Chump

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We’ve all been at the strip club where we’ve seen those chumps sit up at the rail. They never actually pull themselves away from the stage, hooting, and hollering and carrying on as though they have not seen a pair of tits in their lives.

Obviously, you need to try to do absolutely EVERYTHING you can to avoid behaving like one of those guys – regardless of what your primal instincts may tell you!

Pay attention: There is no reason to get dressed up in a suit and tie to hit your local strip club! However, you should dress stylishly, look like you own the joint and remain confident throughout the entire evening. Whatever you do, don’t drool or cat call at any point in time!

Tip #2 – Enter Earlier Than Most Other Guys

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You’re going to want to get in just a bit earlier than most other guys though you certainly don’t wish to be the first in the building. You’re looking for an air of confidence, a feeling like you’re just out to have fun!

Keep in mind: You do not want to look that you’re plopping yourself down to check out one particular set list of the stripper that you’ve been obsessing about for the last 3 weeks. Pick out a seat halfway back from the stage, and begin to enjoy the show – and a couple of drinks.

Tip #3 – Make Sure That You Bring Enough Cash


There’s nothing worse than finally seeing your favorite girl perform in a strip bar, only to find that you’ve blown through the last week’s lunch money!

Pay attention: Depending upon your situation, you’ll want to create a precise “budget” that you can blow every time you hit the club. Just make sure that you’re stacked up on fives, not just ones!

Tip #4 – Don’t Become a Regular!

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This just might be some of the most important advice that you receive in this entire guide, so pay close attention!


There are these other kinds of dudes that she is going to target specifically to make a lot of money. However, these are never – NEVER – the kinds of guys that she would go home with.

Keep in mind: Do not be a jackass and do not become a regular either!

Tip #5 – Tip Every Single Girl on Stage & Don’t Be Cheap About It

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Another surefire sign that you are a complete and total rookie at this game is that you either refused to tip all of the ladies while you’re up at the rail or that you tip all of them a little bit until your “honey boo” shows up!

In which case you blow your entire wad, showing just how desperately attached you are. Just don’t be a sucker.

Pay attention: Tip each and every girl accordingly for each single song she does, and make sure that you’re generous. They talk about this kind of stuff backstage and remember who stiff them and who they want to stiff them.

Tip #6 – Make Sure That You Respect Her Job

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When you finally do get the chance to strike up a conversation with your favorite stripper, don’t go all frat party on them. Understand that this is a job that she’s taken on – one she may or may not be absolutely in love with – and treat it as such!

Pay attention: Just don’t make any callous jokes, don’t look like an overwhelmed idiot and have the kind of conversation you would have with any other girl you were attracted to! Unless she’s a dummy, then all bets are off.

Tip #7 – Don’t Pretend to Be a Hero

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Last but not least, stay away from any “hero imitations.” Even if you’re dealing with a stripper that has severe daddy issues, the last thing that you want to do is try to “save her” from the life that they have voluntarily chosen.

Sure, there are certainly some chicks out there that got into this world just to make some quick cash and hate themselves for it!

However, there are also a lot of women that fall in love with the job, couldn’t imagine not dancing, and are having the time of their lives exploring their sexuality. Just be the Prince Charming, not some sort of white knight weirdo.

3 Facts You Need to Keep in Mind Before Dating The Stripper of Your Dreams

Fact #1 – They Are Often Damaged & Problematic Girls

Not all is sunshine and roses when you decide to start going out with this type of a lady. This is a culture that can promote an unhealthy body image, sexually objectify women, and can do real damage to her self-esteem!

All of this can lead to:

  • Serious lifestyle problems
  • Drug habits
  • Even prostitution

Pay attention: Do everything you can to stay away from ladies that have either daddy issues, clearly had cases of, or are still into “snow blowing” – even when it’s 90° outside, if you know what I mean!

Fact #2 – Strippers Come with Advantages

There is a tremendous amount of different reasons why you’d want to date these instead of “regular girls” including the fact that they are:

  • Calm
  • Cool
  • Confident
  • Incredibly sexual

Keep in mind: There are a lot of “ordinary girls” out there that are pretty wild and uninhibited, but you know exactly what you’re getting into when you begin to meet a stripper!

Fact #3 – You Can Find Them Anywhere

Obviously, the best place to meet a stripper is in a strip club. However, you also have to understand that you can bump into these girls just about anywhere – these aren’t some “rare birds” that we are talking about here.

Keep in mind: They are people, just like you and I – and you can bump into them anywhere, at any time and moment!

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use the information above to score the “stripper” of your dreams. Be smart, be persistent, and do absolutely everything you can to be attractive!

Hey folks! My pen name is James Buzinko (a.k.a. Stallion) and I want to make this THE GREATEST place for every guy to master the arts of love, dating and attraction! I am young, free and my motto is "Carpe Diem".
  • Nick

    Men I don’t know, good advice I guess, but I’d never be able to be with a stripper. I can find a sexually liberated girl anywhere if I try hard enough, but I just couldn’t deal with explicitly knowing other guys jack off to her while she’s on stage. that’s just my issue tho.

    • Vinny

      You’re right, there is a difference between being liberated and being an exhibitionist. To each their own, but let’s be honest, that’s totally your issue. If you can’t trust your charm and libido enough to know that you’re definitely getting the best out of her and giving her a better time than any of those dudes in the club, then it’s time to work on your confidence and communication.

      • I can only agree with you Vinny, you just need to be cool and always stay emotionally and mentally strong…

    • Sure, this is really something you need to consider before you enter into this kind of relationship.

  • Silviu

    My girl is a stripper and she’s awesome…I get private shows all the time 😉 I met her at the grocery store and she told me later in the relationship about what she did. Also, as Stallion said in the article, don’t become a regular! Her and her stripper friends talk the worst about regulars, they see them as pathetic…

    • Albert

      I think that as soon as you become a regular, you’re not seen as a man anymore, just a paycheck. They can’t afford to ever let you out of that zone, so just don’t go there. I mean, don’t go into the club and get known as a cheapskate either, but if you’re supporting her, she’s not going to want to move the relationship out of the club for fear of losing money.

      • That is really great point Albert. Thank you for giving this tip out to all dudes!

    • And sadly, often they really are… But it is really great to know you managed to find a hot stripper and date her!

  • Noel

    Lol, steer clear of strippers with daddy issues…that’s like saying stay away from tigers that are yellow. Sure, there’s this albino tiger here and there, but most of them!

    • That is put nicely 😀 I realize these are really hard to find …

  • MarriedGuy

    That video was really good. I mean yeah that’s what my girl friend who is a stripper complain the most about, that men treat her like a sex object. My wife agrees with her and says that’s upsetting as fuck, so yeah guys, don’t be fucking creeps.

    • That is true. Many guys treat stripper just as sex objects and not human beings with emotions.

  • Lou

    I have a friend who is dating a stripper and she’s a really special gal. I linked her this article and she agreed with most of the advice here. So I guess this gets the stripper seal of approval haha.

    • Paul

      Lol, the stripper seal of approval! there should definitely be a graphic done up for that one.

    • Thank you Lou! This is great!

  • Julia

    Great list for the fellows, Stallion. But what about a list for the girls? I would love to date a male stripper! They are so hot and they have such hot bodies. I just love how hot male strippers are!

    • Hey Julia. I am afraid I will not be able to write an article on your suggestions. I believe this is out of my reach…

  • Ben Rowe

    Dating a stripper is overrated! I used to date only strippers during my twenties. Looking back I wasted so much money.When you are dating a striper you need to have money! They don’t just want dollars at the club, they expect you to take them shopping at designer stores, they want 5 star dining and hotels. They always want the best. I used to spend so much money on them and I noticed that when I stopped spending they would move on to the next dude.

    • Well, it sounds that you have found some “gold-diggers” dude. I hope you are past this costly period of your life.

  • BenzLover

    My girlfriend is a stripper and she’s super hot! She’s the best girlfriend that I have ever had! She loves to party, she always dresses sexy and has the best sense of humor. She’s also super hot! The only issue is that my friends’ girlfriends don’t like her. I think that they are jealous of how hot she is.

    • Brenda

      As long as you like her, who cares what your friends girlfriends think? You’re right, they’re probably just jealous. Most insecure girls hate strippers, or any kind of sex workers, because they know that they don’t have the confidence and control over their bodies that strippers do.

      • You just said it so clearly… I could not explain it better!

    • It looks like they really are. Maybe your friends talk a lot about her in their presence…

  • Kelly Pino

    As a female that has finished university and started my business, I often wonder, when did it become acceptable to date/marry strippers? I know that strippers have a certain sex appeal, but do guys ever worry about STDS? the amount of partners they have been with? how would your parents feel if you brought a stripper home? Lets not forget that many strippers come from a place of abuse.

    • These are all really valid points people and dudes who want to date strippers should consider.

  • Carmen

    I have plenty of friends that are strippers and they are mainly interested in dating guys that have money! Yes, they make a good living but most of them want to get out of that lifestyle and have a guy take care of them. However, most of the time they are on stage, they are a bit tipsy or have popped anxiety medicine. Its not an easy lifestyle and for many years people looked at strippers like they were a step above street walkers.

    • Well, there are many prejudices to strippers even today so their situation is pretty harsh.

  • Chrissy

    Your first point is an excellent one. Guys, if you’re going to date a stripper, realize that *you are dating a stripper*. You are not dating some girl that you would like to bring home and save, so that she will no longer be a stripper. Don’t think that you’re going to change her, it’s not going to work. If you’re not cool with that, then just go find some other girl you can be happy with and leave the strippers alone.

    • Each dude going into this kind of relationship should repeat this point regularly.

  • KiwiKat82

    This is the worst advice I’ve ever seen! NEVER NEVER NEVER date a stripper! I am a stripper and I need to warn y’all! If she is good at her job, she is smarter than you! Also, strippers almost never date guys who enter a club as a customer. (She will only make you believe that you are dating to keep the money coming)

    Because they know that if they were to become serious or steady, that once the honeymoon phase wears off, that you will be sneaking around in other clubs. That being said, I’m married to a guy that I met while in the middle of my career, but one reason that I fell hard for him was because he was wary about setting foot in a club.

    And I had a hard time just talking him into coming to visit me at the club, when we first started seeing eachother, because he was scared that I might be trying to hustle him. He was smart. 90% of men who go to strip clubs have a lower IQ, or they are so undesirable that they will NEVER have female attention any other way. One or the other, or both.

    All dancers know this. Lots of guys believe that they are going to be the exception to this rule. That rarely ever happens. Be smart. Keep the girls at arms length, keep the fantasy world, as a fantasy. Also strippers don’t want to come home and have sex because they are pawed on at work all day. I’ve all but lost my sex drive because I’m a stripper. Most of us are extremely good at faking sexual energy. Just trust me.