7 Must Have Seduction Books for Every Stallion Out There


list of best seduction books

When you have tried everything to pick up women with no success, there are books written by professional pick-up artists (PUAs) that can help you!

In fact, all of these have tidbits of information that will lead to getting new chicks or keeping your current woman satisfied beyond belief.

You will discover these 7 best seduction books on our list:

If you want to have an upper hand in the world of dating, the following 7 books will have you going from dud to stud in no time!

Book #1 – No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert A. Glover

No More Mr. Nice Guy Book

Product Specifications:

  • Dr. Robert A. Glover (Author)
  • 183 Pages (Hardcover)
  • $18.95 (List Price)

Robert Glover created a masterpiece with “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and received an immense amount of exposure as a result. This title delves into what it means to be a nice guy and how you can get what you want in life.

This is just as much a love book as it is about getting your act together so that you can be happy. The author explains everything about:

  • How to pleasure yourself to making your needs a priority.
  • How to fulfill your life & career.
  • There are also 2 excellent chapters on sex, love and intimacy.

Keep in mind: This is just as much a love book as it is about getting your act together so that you can be happy. The work by R. Glover is thorough and made into an overnight sensation.

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Book #2 – Player’s Handbook by Tommy Orlando

Tommy Orlando Player´s Handbook Two Volumes

Product Specifications:

  • Tommy Orlando (Author)
  • 99 Pages (Paperback)
  • $9.95 (List Price)

Tommy Orlando introduced the Player’s Handbook in two volumes. The first one is 99 pages long and provides you with a foundation for more sex and women.

This is not a revolutionary book that teaches you some secret to getting more chicks. Instead, this is a realistic approach and list of simple rules that every man needs to know.

If you are just getting back into the dating scene, this is the stuff you need to start attracting ladies. The second volume is an advanced guide in seduction that includes 100 pages on various techniques that just work!

Keep in mind: These techniques are common sense (not revolutionary), but they explain all the fundamental rules of picking up hot chicks from an old school perspective. You will also learn proven tricks that will have her coming to you every time.

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Book #3 – Rules of The Game by Neil Strauss

The Rules Of The Game Luxury Bookcover

Product Specifications:

  • Neil Strauss (Author)
  • 376 Pages (Paperback)
  • $16.99 (List Price)

If you had to pick up only one book that would change your social life, this would be my personal recommendation. It will help you land beautiful women and ensure that you are a chick magnet, but it is so much more than that!

Rules of the Game teaches you:

  • How to be a social butterfly.
  • How to conduct yourself in public.
  • It goes through the process in a step-by-step manner.

There is a lot of self-evaluation that will also need to be done at the beginning of the book so that you can better judge yourself. You will be able to follow a step-by-step plan on how to become attractive in appearance and fashion.

Pay attention: You will also learn general life adaptations that will make you desirable. There is a reason Neil is a best-selling author, and his advice is something every man needs to read.

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Book #4 – The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed by Mystery

The Mystery Method Cover Page

Product Specifications:

  • Mystery (Author)
  • 224 Pages (Hardcover)
  • $19.99 (List Price)

This crazy dude does not need an introduction, but the Mystery Method certainly is worth the buy. While his work is terrific, it is unlike anything you have read before.

You will learn how to fake it long enough to get her in bed, but furthermore, you will discover a lot about female psychology!

This resource is on the level of a college textbook as it will go very deep into psychological and social behaviors. You will discover how to assert yourself and be persuasive in the process.

Pay attention: While this is not a “pick up” book, it will teach you how to attract women naturally. Learn how they think, and you will boost your chances of dating and sexual success in the process.

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Book #5 – Models: Attract Women Through Honesty by Mark Manson

The Cover Page Of Models By Mark Manson

Product Specifications:

  • Mark Manson (Author)
  • 246 Pages (Paperback)
  • $12.95 (List Price)

Mark Manson has compiled a book that should be sitting on every man’s counter. Do you want to be able to attract women through honesty instead of playing games with her mind?

This book will show you – how to have confidenceattract ladies by understanding thembe truthful, charming successful, and attractivedeal with anxiety, physical aspects of dating, success, and failure.

Pay attention: There are so many points found in this book that any man struggling to make sense of ladies or to land a date needs this guide on his bookshelf!

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Book #6 – The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

The Art Of Seduction By Robert Greene

Product Specifications:

  • Robert Greene (Author)
  • 457 Pages (Paperback)
  • $23.00 (List Price)

The attraction has never been rawer than it is in The Art of Seduction. While the wording may be too much for some people, this does not take away from the power of this book.

You will learn how to assess your rolepick a target, and ultimately seduce her in the process.

Pay attention: There are 24 strategies and tactics covered that will explain to you how to take full control of a situation and ultimately have her eating out of your hands. If you have never successfully seduced a woman, this masterpiece lays out all of the basic and advanced methods of the Art of Seduction!

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Book #7 – The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss

The Game By Neil Strauss

Product Specifications:

  • Neil Strauss (Author)
  • 460 Pages (Leather Imitation)
  • $37.99 (List Price)

The Game is simply a book that you must read today! Neil goes from not being able to pick up ladies to teaching you revolutionary ideas and ways that he was able to seduce some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

This is not some hyped up collection of words. Anyone that has been looking for a mentor who documents everything in the process of picking hot chicks up will find Neil Strauss and The Game everywhere they go.

Keep in mind: He even mentions how he met Britney Spears and Paris Hilton among many other world-known hot chicks. You will be immersed in stories that will blow your mind and ways that you can approach women, talk to them, and ultimately seduce them right into your bed!

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